The Best Online BlackJack Casinos for U.S. Players in 2020

Our goal at is to provide players with the best possible information on how to win real money playing online blackjack. Here you’ll find the top-rated, trustworthy casinos available in your area, along with a strategy guide, FAQ, tips and tricks, and more! Get winning!

Deal and Draw! Everything You Need to Play Online Blackjack

People have been gambling since nearly prehistoric times, and this wonderful hobby has made its way into the modern world through online casinos. Forget planning a trip to Atlantic City or Vegas, you can now play online blackjack at a casino right from the comfort of your own home and earn real money doing so.

Black jack is a favorite of many, and why not? There’s strategy, luck, and excitement involved, and now, with thousands of online blackjack variations to choose from, there’s even more fun to be had!

Your Top Guide to Online Blackjack

LiveCasinoKings research and thoroughly vet the casinos and game providers we mention, so if you’re looking for the best online casino to play blackjack, look no further! Many casinos operate legally in the U.S. and are monitored by the Gambling Commission, which is made up of experts in the field, so you can relax and play without worrying.

Here’s what you’ll find in our guide:

  • Best casino list for online blackjack
  • Game and online play FAQ
  • Complete blackjack how to play strategy game guide
  • List of betting strategies, card values, and everything you need to know to be a great player
  • Glossary of online blackjack terms
  • Tips and tricks

& More!

Best Online Casinos to Play Blackjack for Real Money

If you’re ready to play, below are the best online casinos for blackjack available to U.S. players. Click our link directly and get each casino’s best sign-up bonus, through

888 Casino
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How We Choose the Best Blackjack Casinos for Online Players

We consider several factors when compiling our lists and recommendations. We look for casinos with:

  • Top-Notch Security

We know your information is sacred and important to you. When there are so many company hacks and website schemes, we want to make sure to thoroughly vet and research all casinos. All casinos chosen by are licensed, legally operate in the U.S., and use RSA encryptions to keep information safe. So you can play your game without worrying.

  • Fairness

Casinos are regulated by a commission that regularly tests the Random Number Generator (RNG) which ensures fair payouts and games.

  • Great Bonuses and Offers is dedicated to providing you with the best deals in the world of online casinos. Most casinos have daily bonuses, sign-up bonuses, free spins, and other deals that gamblers should take advantage of, so we’ve factored that into our list.

  • User Interface

We want you to have the best experience possible, and that includes navigating the casino itself. Casinos with games by top providers, easy-to-use lobbies, and a great customer service team are important.

  • Mobile Versions

Playing on the go is the future of online gambling, and most casinos have adapted their interface to suit phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. We want you to have the best online blackjack mobile gaming options at your fingertips!

  • Fast and Easy Payouts

Our top casinos make it easy and quick to cash out. All casinos have different rules when it comes to payouts, so be sure to read the terms and conditions of the casino you choose! Sometimes the cash out process can take days, while other casinos allow you to cash out instantly. We chose those casinos that are reliable and quick, so you can always access your earnings!


Live Online Blackjack

For those that want to try out their luck on a game with a new and exciting format – live online blackjack is an incredible innovation. You’ll feel like you’re sitting in a real casino, watching a live blackjack dealer at a table. You’ll be able to chat with the dealer and other players from around the world while playing from the comfort of home.

Live casino games are broadcast by studios, so you’re seeing a real-life dealer in real-time through a video feed. If you feel like online casino games are too bland and you miss the noise and fun of a real casino, try live blackjack.

For the best live casinos, game rules, playing guide, and more, check our live blackjack page.


Top Blackjack Game Providers

Let’s take a minute to look at the top blackjack providers in online casino gaming. If you come across blackjack games from any of these companies, you’re sure to be in for a good time. Providers have made great strides in game development, efficiency, storytelling, and graphics. Here are the brand names you want to see in an online casino.


They’re a top developer for classic games as well as live games. They’ve got dozens of variations of online blackjack, along with other classics like poker, baccarat, slots, and more. NetEnt is known for its creative, graphics-forward games. You’ll see them in various casinos like Borgata, 888Casino, and more.

Evolution Gaming

This top provider has been around since 2006 and has been winning awards since its inception. Evolution Gaming has one of the widest selections of games. Not only do they have multiple themes for online blackjack, and live blackjack, but they have dozens of options for just about any casino games, even the rarer ones like Keno, Craps, and others. You’re sure to find a game you like in a variety of popular casinos.


Another provider you’ll see in all the top casinos around the world, BetSoft is one of the most popular gaming companies available today. They’re focused on creating astounding 3D graphics, which means blackjack games are incredibly interactive and come alive as much as possible on a computer screen.

These software providers are just a snippet of the ones available on the market. Many providers strive towards new breakthroughs in the world of online gambling every day. From creating games specifically for mobiles, to enhancing the live capabilities, stay on the lookout for new great developments!

Commonly Asked Questions (FAQ)

We know there’s a lot to learn if you’re new to the world of internet gambling, so here are the topmost commonly asked questions when it comes to blackjack, so you can start playing with the best possible information.

Q: How does blackjack work?

A: Blackjack has simple rules. The goal is to hit 21 without going over it, and have a higher final hand than the dealer. There’s luck and strategy involved. The dealer first gives out two cards, and the player may choose to hit or stand. If the player goes over 21, the game is over. If the player gets close to 21 but the dealer is closer, the player also loses. Sitting at an online blackjack table is pretty much the same as sitting at an actual casino.

Q: Can I legally play real money blackjack in the US?

A: Legality is a gray area in the United States, so it’s best to check your local laws here to avoid any trouble. Gambling remains illegal at a federal level, although several states have legalized online gambling: New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Most states do not prosecute players for online gambling, making it illegal but allowed.

Q: What are the top blackjack sites to play for real cash?

A: There are thousands to choose from, so if you’re overwhelmed, go for any of the top casinos listed on this site. Casinos known for online blackjack options include Casino888, Borgata, Ceasers, or Tropicana.

Q: How to find a reputable blackjack online casino?

A: It’s a good idea to be extra cautious when signing up for casinos. Your best bet is to choose from vetted blackjack casinos on our top list, but if you’re venturing out on your own, you should always look to see if the casino is licensed. They’ll often display information at the bottom of the page including licensure, privacy policy, awards, and other clear signs of credibility. Also, read the terms and conditions for any hidden fees or withdrawal limits before you sign up to make sure you know what you’re getting. You can also check the casino blacklist as a reference for sites to stay away from.

Q: Are there any real money blackjack apps?

A: Ready to try your luck on-the-go? If you live in a state that specifically legalized mobile gambling (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Iowa, & Nevada) you can download a real-money blackjack app. If you don’t live in one of these states you’ll have to log in to your favorite casino through your device’s browser. Casino websites are now optimized for mobile browsers, so you can feel free to log in as you normally would and play any game you’d like.

Q: Can I play online blackjack for free?

A: Yes! Most casinos offer demo versions you can play for free, without betting real money or giving out your email. Try out your blackjack skills at our games lobby for the best free blackjack online.

Q: How do blackjack odds work?

A: Blackjack odds vary depending on different combinations and the RNG – randomness of the game. The odds of drawing any card of value in an online game is 7.69%, and the odds of a card worth 10 (10s, jacks, queens, kings) is 30.7%.

Q: Are the odds of winning online the same as playing blackjack at an in-person casino?

A: Generally, yes. Some online casinos have a higher house edge than in-person casinos, but they also give out enough bonuses and free hands to make up the difference. Since online casinos go by the same rules as any other gambling establishment, you’ll find the same odds across the board.

Q: Are online games rigged?

A: No. Online games are not rigged. Every locality has a gaming commission that regularly inspects online casinos and checks their algorithms for fairness. Casinos that have licenses must adhere to strict rules or risk being blacklisted.

Q: How can I win at online blackjack?

A: There are many factors when it comes to winning at blackjack! You must understand the theory, betting strategies, and stay in control of your bankroll to really see winnings. You can also practice this casino game to become familiar with the wager types so that you’re successful when you play for real money.

Q: Are there bonuses for blackjack?

A: There are casino bonuses that you can apply to your blackjack game. If you’re playing live blackjack, there may be a specific bonus you can claim when you sign up. Casinos have a deposit bonus and a no-deposit bonus. Casinos will give you a certain amount of free cash in your bankroll once you sign up with your email and make your first deposit – this bonus is usually a substantial amount. Some casinos offer a no-deposit bonus, which is usually an extra $5 or $10 you can enjoy for just signing up with your email. Utilize these to make the most of your online gambling experience.

Q: Are there blackjack online tournaments?

A: Yes! Online blackjack tournaments have become popular at many casinos for those that enjoy a bit of competition. At a tournament, players are sat at online blackjack tables with various opponents. At the end of several rounds, the participant with the most chips becomes the table winner. The table winners then face off against each other. There are several variations, and if this is your goal check that the casino you chose hosts these types of events.

Q: What’s the house edge in online blackjack? Are there games with a higher RTP?

A: Blackjack is known for having a relatively low house edge, and although this varies from casino to casino, on average it is about 0.5%. You can particularly look for a casino with a lower house edge, but as far as games with a higher RTP go – online blackjack is already one of the best choices.

Q: What’s a progressive blackjack bet?

A: You’ll hear this term a lot when it comes to blackjack betting strategy. Although people disagree on whether or not this strategy works, a progressive bet is when a participant raises or lowers the amount of the next wager based on if they won or lost.

Q: How many hands can I play?

A: If you’re looking for a super-packed blackjack game where you can play several hands at once, such games exist for adventurous players like yourself. Just look around the casino lobby under blackjack to see what the options are.

Q: How many decks are used in online blackjack?

A: This varies from each casino, but most online blackjack games use either six or eight decks.

Q: Can you count cards in online blackjack?

A: Yes, if you’re able to! Online blackjack works just like the regular casino version, where there are a certain amount of decks involved in the game. The problem is, the game moves quickly and the casino reshuffles the deck between every hand. If you’re really good at figuring out probabilities and counting on the fly, it’s possible on the web. However, be warned that all casinos discourage card counting.

How to Play: Blackjack Rules and Strategy

If you’ve never played or it’s been a while, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of blackjack and figure out a strategy for winning before you head out there to wager real money.

Blackjack game rules are simple: the goal is to hit 21 with card values. You and the dealer are dealt a hand. You can hit or stand, but your cards must either beat the dealer’s, or get 21 without going over it.

Keep blackjack strategy in mind at a casino. If your initial cards are bad, you can surrender and take back half your bet. If you choose to hit and are pushed over 21, you automatically lose. If you get close to 21, you may win some money, but your hand has to have a higher value than the dealer’s cards. If the dealer gets over 21, everyone at the table that’s under 21 then automatically split the pot.

Types of Blackjack

There’s a number of different variations of blackjack games created by various game providers in every casino, and you’ll find tables for all of these. Remember in all these blackjack versions, you still have to beat the dealer and get close to 21 to win.

Classic/American Blackjack– This is the traditional version of the game, played with anywhere between one and eight decks. The competitor and dealer are dealt two cards each, with one of the dealer’s cards shown face-down (known as the hole card). If your hand adds up to 21 or can beat the dealer, you win!

Progressive – Progressive blackjack games are an interesting variation. Players get more money out of this version, if they get really lucky. The game is played the same way as classic blackjack, but with an additional $1 bet that gets added to the pot.

European – European blackjack games are played with just two decks of cards. It is known to be the best version of the game because the dealer can’t touch the hole card until the participant has made a decision on how to progress (hit, split, stand, or double), making it easier to beat the dealer. Also, players can double down on hands that total 11, 9, or 10.

Atlantic City – A game you can enjoy that’s played with eight decks. The dealer gets a chance to peek at their cards and can stand on soft 17. Players are allowed to resplit up to three hands. Often, late surrender and insurance are options.

Switch – This is blackjack with a twist, if that’s what you enjoy! Players are dealt cards facing up and are given a chance to switch their top card with each other during the game. There’s also an assortment of side bets you can make.

Double Exposure or Face Up – This popular blackjack variant shows the dealer’s hand, making it easier for the player to earn more cash.

Spanish 21 – Known for having a low house edge, this blackjack game is quite different. It’s played with eight decks, and all the 10s are removed, which is good for the participant.

Terms to Know

Before you play, get familiar with these terms and abbreviations:

    • Bust – If you get over 21 and lose, this is called a bust.
    • Hit – Add another card to your hand.
    • Insurance – A side wager that can be up to half your total bet that you can make if the dealer’s “upcard” is an ace. If the dealer hits 21, your bet automatically pays out at 2:1.
    • Push – A tied hand, in which case your bet is returned.
    • Surrender – This is like folding. If you have a bad hand initially, you can choose to do this and take back some of your wager. Not all games have this option.
    • ESR – An abbreviation for early surrender. You won’t find this button often, but when you do you should take advantage.
    • Double Down – A player’s decision to double their original bet. The dealer is then required to deal only one more card to the player.
    • DOA – This is an abbreviation for the double down option, allowing you to double down on any of your initial cards.
    • D10/11 – This is a rule in some games, where you can only double down on 10s and 11s.
  • Split – If the participant has a pair, or any two 10-point cards, they may choose to split it into two individual hands. The dealer will automatically give each hand a second card. Then the player can play normally.
  • Stand – Choosing not to add more cards to your initial hand.

While many of these terms may seem complicated and unfamiliar, they’re quite easy to remember once you start playing. Blackjack and other gambling games have their own language, but it’s quick and easy to catch on. Don’t be intimidated by phrases you don’t know, usually, they’re just technical terms for common sense actions.

Blackjack Card Values, RTP, and Odds

Understanding values is the key to finding your hand’s total value. Luckily, this isn’t complicated in blackjack.

Number cards – Are worth their number. A five is five, six is six, etc.

Kings, Queens, Jacks – Face cards are worth 10.

Aces – Can be high or low. These may be one or 10 depending on your hand. A soft hand is one where an ace is counted as 11. For example, if a person’s initial hand has a six and an ace, that would be a soft 17. If the person chooses to hit, and draws a 10, that ace would count as one. However, that’s a hard 17, because drawing another card could cause a bust.

The next thing to know about blackjack is that it has one of the best RTP (Return to Player) rates. This means that the house edge is low for this game, and players make back more than 95-97% of their winnings.

Understanding Odds

Note that the odds will always be in the house’s favor. However, your odds are good too, as long as you play smart! You should understand that the odds for each hand vary depending on the cards you have, the cards left in the desk, and your dealer’s hand. The higher your two initial cards are valued, the likelier you are to bust if you decide to hit, for example.

Blackjack Betting Systems for Online Casino Play

Betting systems are popular with most casino games, especially after popular movies like Rounders and Rain Man. Blackjack is a little more strategy-based than many other casino games, which rely on luck. Mathematicians have analyzed blackjack and written extensively on odds, probabilities, betting strategies, and how to beat the dealer in blackjack. Take a look at a few of the most common ones and try them out to see which works best for you!


One of the oldest betting strategies, the Martingale system was coined in 18th century France. The idea is that players avoid large losses by doubling their bets after each loss. This operates on the premise of, if something hasn’t happened for a while, it’ll likely happen. So, if you agree with this method – the idea is when you lose two or three hands, you’re likely to win the next one, right? It’s not entirely mathematically plausible, but plenty of blackjack experts tout this method.

D’Alembert for Blackjack Games

Created by a mathematician, it’s similar to other systems in where it’s suggested to change the bet based on wins or losses. With the D’Alembert system, players raise their bet one unit after losses, and lower their bet one unit after wins.


The Paroli system suggests the best way to recoup losses is to double bets following each triumph. So if a participant bets two units and wins a hand, on the next turn they wager 4, then 8, and so forth. Once a player has lost they drop to their original wager.


A betting system based on the famed Fibonacci numbers. This is a sequence of numbers developed by an early mathematician where two numbers add up to the next one in the sequence. For example, a Fibonacci sequence would be: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, and so forth. Using the Fibonacci betting system, a participant will choose a base one-unit bet. If they lose on the first hand, there is no change, they should bet the same one unit. If they lose on the second hand, they should bet two. If they lose on the third hand, three. Fourth hand, bet 5 units – all according to the Fibonacci sequence. If you win, cross out the last two numbers in the sequence.

1-3-2-6 Betting System

The main principle of this system is to risk a little and win a lot – it’s right in the name. This strategy has a progressive nature that involved players increasing their bets as they win, allowing them to recoup losses. Otherwise known as the 1-3-2-6 betting method. First, choose a base amount to bet with. When you win, you bet 3 units of that amount. If you win again, you bet 2, then 6. For example, if you base bet amount is $5, and you win on the first hand, your next bet will be $15. If you win again, $10, etc.


This is an interesting method that is a little more involved. The parlay system starts with the idea that you want to play with the casino’s money: i.e. your winnings. So set aside a certain amount to wager, and once you’ve made a profit, withdraw it all and only play with your actual profits. The Parlay system is a little extreme, but the idea is to win big. It involves doubling bets after you win, so those who are successful set a spending limit. Use the Parlay system to set attainable goals. For example, if you’re looking to earn $150 to gamble with, you may be able to do that in a few hands. If you’re hoping to hit the $1,000 jackpot on your third try, that’s less realistic. So, if you bet $10 on your first hand and win, you already have a $20 profit. Bet that $20 (double your original bet) and win $40, and so forth.

Play Blackjack Online, Step-by-Step

If you’re ready to get going and want to make sure you’re on the right track when you’re at a casino, here’s a step-by-step guide so you can get rolling.

Step 1: Join a Table at a Casino

Once you’ve chosen the type and theme of the blackjack game you want to play, you’ll be (digitally) seated at a table. If you’ve joined mid-turn you’ll likely have to wait until the current hand is over to join in.

Step 2: Place Your Bet

You’ll be asked to put up an initial bet before getting your cards. You may also increase your wager during the turn in certain instances.

Step 3: Get Initial Cards

Once all the participants agree that they are ready to go, everyone at the table will automatically get two initial cards, face up. The dealer has one card up and the other down. Look at what you’ve got quickly and carefully!

Step 3: Decide to Hit or Stand

Think quick! You’ll have 30 seconds to a minute to decide whether you want to hit (add another card) or stand (stay where you are).

Step 4: Recalculate Your Hand’s Value

If you decided to hit, double-check to see where you are. Close monitoring and attentive playing is key to winning!

Step 5: The Dealer Reveals Their Cards

Once all final hands are dolled out and chips are on the table, the dealer will reveal their facedown card. If the dealer busts and gets over 21, all active opponents at the table win. If the dealer hits 21 automatically, they win.

Step 6: See Who Won!

If the dealer’s hand beats your hand’s value, the dealer wins that round. If any players get 21 they win. If no one got 21, the player with the highest hand value wins. If players tie, the pot is split.

Tips and Tricks

Within the natural course of playing blackjack, you will develop a feel for what you should and should do. Here are some great casino beginner do and don’t tips so that you can go into your game with confidence. These are based on common situations you’ll find yourself in.

Do Don’t
Choose tables where the dealer has to hit on a soft 17, the odds will be in your favor Split a pair of 10s
Play on a table with a surrender option Stand on 12 if the dealer has a card of 7 or higher
Always split a hand of two aces Take insurance
Hit on 16 if the dealer has a 10 Use the surrender option too often
Play games where you can double after splitting Play at a table that uses 6 or 8 decks unless you can surrender

Some other good tricks to remember:

  • Don’t put down more money than you can afford
  • Manage your casino bankroll carefully
  • Memorize a basic betting strategy so you don’t get lost or overwhelmed
  • Never gamble more than half your bankroll on a single hand
  • Hold your nerve, sometimes you have to be patient to win.

Most importantly, the best tip is that playing blackjack at a casino should be something you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it, you should stop playing. Gambling can become a serious issue, and we care about your health. Overall, internet gambling should be an entertaining hobby, so as long as you’re enjoying yourself when you’re playing casino games, there’s no wrong way to play.

Card Counting in Online Blackjack

Card counting is a well-known but often misunderstood blackjack strategy. Contrary to popular belief, it is not illegal. Casinos can and will deny service to anyone they believe is gaining an unfair advantage due to a mathematical system, which is why most counters agree that it is better to avoid detection.

While every blackjack technique is different, the basic idea of card counting is that players should keep track of cards coming out of the shoe and into play. Players should note when face cards (higher value) come out of the deck, and when the lower value cards come out of the deck.

Once enough of the lower-value cards come out of the deck, players increase their bets (since there’s a more significant chance of getting a higher card). If too many high-value cards come out, players may decide to keep their bets steady, knowing their chances of winning are lower.

It’s also important to point out that card counting in blackjack works in person, and doesn’t really work online. Online blackjack games give you less time, move quickly, and shuffle decks, making it more difficult to keep track of cards. Because blackjack decks are reshuffled, past hands no longer affect the current one, nullifying the ability to count cards.

Conclusion: Ready to Cut Cards?

If you’re ready to move on to play blackjack games for real money, simply choose a casino off of our top list, and you’ll be on your way to claiming a blackjack bonus at a top, trustworthy casino. To make the most of your casino experience, don’t forget to take advantage of bonuses and offers! With thousands of blackjack games for online gamblers, you’re sure to have a good time!