The Best Free and Real Money Casino Games Online in 2020

The world of online casino games is fun and exciting. At, we’re dedicated to bringing players the best possible information. Whether you’re new, or a seasoned gambler, we have the guides you need to play your best and get the most out of online casino games.

Get Started Playing Casino Games Online

In the last two decades, online casinos have debuted a vast amount of high-quality casino games available for players all throughout the U.S. Whether you love video poker, keno, baccarat, or another game, you’ll have hundreds of variations to choose from. Online gambling is an extremely entertaining hobby. With so many games to choose from, it’s a great way to spend your time. If you’ve always loved the feel of sitting in a casino and the thrill of wagering with real money, you can now get that feeling right from your living room.

The Ultimate Guide to Casino Games

Have you always loved casino games and wondered if you have what it takes to gamble like a pro? With our complete guide to casino games, you can become a high-roller in no time! Luckily, most casino games are straightforward – and there are plenty of free casino games available so you can get your fix, or get your practice in so you can feel comfortable when you’re ready to play with real money.

Included in this guide:

  • Lobby of free casino games
  • Information on legal online gambling
  • Game guides
  • Betting Strategies
  • Commonly answered questions (FAQ)

& More!

Free Casino Game Lobby

Enjoy any of these free casino games offered below! At, we have more than 1800 games to choose from. Whether you want something simple and classic, like roulette or baccarat, or you want to try something totally different, you’ll never run out of options. Free games are great practice before you decide to put down real money on a game. Or, it’s simply a great way to pass the afternoon. Give it a try and you’ll see why so many are instantly hooked!



Best Real Money Casino Games



We Make Finding Online Casino Games Easy

At, we make it our mission to provide gambling enthusiasts with the most up-to-date information available when it comes to internet gambling. Whether you want to play free casino games or try your hand at wagering real money, we want to make sure you’re using safe and reliable websites. All online casinos and games on our list have been researched and vetted so that you can easily find licensed and legal games to play. We use a strict framework to choose the best sites.

  • Safety and Security – All the real money casino games on our list are from licensed casinos. These sites use RSA encryptions to protect your personal information safe.
  • Fairness – Online casinos use an RNG (Random Number Generator) algorithm to ensure that the game pays out accordingly. This algorithm makes sure that games aren’t “rigged” and that players do win occasionally. Be advised that algorithms are tweaked in free games, and it’s actually easier to win in those.
  • User Interface – Easy-to-use websites are key, and we choose those that are simple to navigate for any player.
  • Bonuses and Offers – When you’re gambling for real cash, you want to take advantage of any free money offers from casinos. You’ll find casinos with excellent sign-up bonuses and even better deposit bonuses on our list.
  • Game Variety – We believe online casinos should have enough game varieties to appease any type of gambler. Casino game providers have created dozens, if not hundreds, of versions of just about any popular game out there, and you should be able to take advantage of having all those choices!
  • Fast and Easy Payouts – If you’re playing for money, it’s essential that the online casino you’re using has a simple withdrawal method. We chose those that make it easy for players to cash in and out.


Popular Casino Games for Beginners

If you’re not sure which game to start with, go through our list of casino games to find which one speaks to you. Or, if you’re thinking of a game you like but can’t quite remember what it’s called or how to play – keep reading!


This casino game is one of the most popular because of its simplicity. Each player, and the dealer, are dealt two cards to start with. Players can choose to hit (add a card from the deck) or stand (keep their hand as is). The idea of blackjack is to hit 21 without going over. If the cards add up to 21, you win! Otherwise, the player’s hand has to be higher than the dealer’s to win. If the dealer has the upper hand or hits 21, the dealer wins the round. Online blackjack is exciting and fast-paced, which adds to the fun.


Playing poker takes some skill and knowledge of betting, hand types, and strategy. All in all, it’s a rewarding game if you play it right. Free poker games online are a great way to practice before you start wagering with real money. When you’re ready to play for real cash, you can choose from plenty of variants. Whether you like Texas Hold ‘Em or Five Card Stud games, the idea is always the same: to make the best possible poker hand from the cards you have.


Another popular and simple card game, in Baccarat the goal is to get the highest hand. You can bet on your hand, the dealer’s hand, or a tie. Players play against the dealer to see who wins. The card values in this game are also different: aces have a value of one and all tens and face cards have a value of zero. To get the hang of the various types of bets you can place, try playing free baccarat online.


Although there are multiple betting options available, they’re easy to learn. Roulette involves a croupier that spins a wheel with a ball in the center. When the wheel stops spinning, whatever number (or color) the ball lands on is a winner.

Video Poker

This game has great odds and is relatively simple. Video poker differs from regular poker in that you don’t sit at a table with other gamers. Your only opponent is the digital dealer. Both the player and dealer are issued a hand, and the individual with the best hand wins with pot.


Keno is a lottery-style casino game, similar to bingo. You can choose your numbers and how many numbers you want to play. The numbers are drawn at random and players wait to see which numbers matched up. Your winnings depend on how many numbers you bet on and the accuracy of your predictions.


This game is a classic favorite in casinos, although it may take you a minute to figure out all the different types of bets that you make. Craps is played with a pair of dice, and gamblers place wagers on a number. If the dice land in your favor, you win!

Sic Bo

Another dice game, Sic Bo is increasingly popular in online casinos. You can choose from a wide variety of bets to make – the higher the risk, the more it may pay out.


The ultimate casino classic, online slots have quickly become one of the most high-tech and fun games out there. Casino game providers have done a lot for slots games. You can choose just about any type of theme, or even slots games with progressing storylines.

Online Lottery

Some states have legalized online lottery, where individuals can log in, choose their numbers, and wait for the results. Playing lottery online is a great way to maximize your odds of winning money while gambling.

Did You Know?

Gambling has been around since nearly prehistoric times. Some of today’s most popular games have been around for several hundred years. The oldest casino games are roulette, blackjack, keno, and variations of craps. It’s said that keno has been around since the building of the Great Wall in China. While dice games have been found around early settlements all throughout Europe and Asia.

Live Dealer Casino Games

If you’re playing for real money, live dealer casino games are the newest feat that gamblers everywhere are loving. It’s the most realistic casino experience out there. Players are shown a real-life dealer that is being filmed and broadcast in real-time. You can have the feeling of sitting at a real table, chatting with others, including the dealer, and play your favorite casino game. Live Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, live blackjack, live roulette, and live baccarat are all popular options.

Casino Games by House Edge

Games with a low house edge give the player an obvious advantage. Although, that doesn’t mean you should avoid games with a higher house edge. There’s a big difference in payouts that often makes up for whatever the edge is.

Game Average House Edge
Blackjack (single-deck) 1.5%
Craps 1.4%-5.0%
Baccarat 1.5%
Three-card poker 1.5%
Video poker 0.5%-5.0%
Slots 2.0%-10%
Roulette (single zero) 2.5%

Casino Games and Skill Level

Most people have only dabbled with casino games – playing with friends or on free apps. It’s always a fun activity to play for free, but when real money is involved you want to make sure to choose a game that is at your skill level. Technically, all casino games are based on luck, but with practice it’s possible to master a lot of them (like blackjack and poker). Some people like the challenge, while others prefer to play based on pure chance, and see where the game takes them.

Games with a High Skill Level

These are games where every decision a player makes can affect the outcome. Games like poker and blackjack have mathematical odds (especially if you’re playing in a land-based casino where decks are not shuffled between hands) that many individuals seek to master. Mathematicians write books based on these games. However, online everything is a little different. Many versions of blackjack and poker exist for beginners as well.

Games with a Low Skill Level

Online games are more random than they are in a casino – which means a lot more of them are based on chance rather than skill. Games like slots, craps, roulette, and video poker are all easy to master for beginner players. They move quickly but have few rules and require less decision making.

Which Casino Games are Best

Honestly, there’s no such thing as “the best” casino game. The best one is the one you have the most fun playing. Everyone likes something different, and that’s the beauty of online gambling. There are so many options that any individual can find something they enjoy.

If you can’t choose, consider:

  • House edge – gamblers always look for the games with a low house edge to try and maximize their winnings.
  • Bonuses – Some games give out more bonuses than others, which make them more profitable! For example, slots games often trigger mini-game bonuses, or a few extra coins per X amount of spins. Some video poker games give out bonus turns. That’s in addition to the sign-up and deposit bonuses.
  • Potential payout – All games have different payout rates. It depends on what your stake is, but some games have the potential for a bigger win (like progressive jackpots).

We suggest trying a few free games to start out. It’s the best way to gauge how to go forward. Once you’ve spent some time playing different types of games, you’ll likely find a preference for something – almost everyone does!


How to Play Casino Games Like a Pro

Although casino games are based on luck for the most part, there are things you can do as a player to maximize your winnings. Here are the five top tips for making the most out of online casino games.

  1. Always check that you’re playing at a licensed and regulated establishment. The best way to ensure that games pay out evenly and fairly is to use a top-rated casino.
  2. Budget your bankroll. Your bankroll is how much money you’ve set aside to gamble with. Smart gamblers know what their balance is and don’t bet additional money on games. You should also keep track of your wins and losses to see how it adds up.
  3. Practice first. Use the multitude of free online casino games available to you to become familiar with your chosen game, betting methods, and odds.
  4. Try a betting system. Multiple mathematicians have created “betting systems” that are designed to help you even out your bankroll. Examples include the Paroli method, or the Fibonacci system. They’re all designed to help you win and lose money somewhat evenly throughout games.
  5. Know when to stop. Gambling should always be fun, and when it stops being fun, you should stop. You should also master quitting while you’re ahead – the idea of a “hot streak” is a gambler’s fallacy. Sometimes stopping is the key to going home with the big bucks.


The Benefits of Free Online Casino Games

There are many pros and cons to free online casino games. In general, online casinos are a great technological development that allows individuals to engage in their favorite hobby and gamble for real money without ever having to leave the house. This makes casino games more accessible to all! In the past, to play casino games, you had to physically save up money and travel to get to one. Now that there are multitudes of free and real money casino games available, anyone can enjoy them!

There are no age restrictions for free casino games, so you can play with the whole family if you choose. If you’re wagering cash, though, you will have to be 21 or over and be able to prove it with an I.D. or driver’s license. There are many different themes and game styles you can choose from, so you’re bound to find a game you love.

Free casino games on our site don’t require signing up or giving out your email, so you don’t have to worry about your information or security if you just want to play poker. Some online casinos ask you to sign up to play the demo version, some don’t. If you’re playing for real money, almost all casinos are mobile-friendly, so all you have to do is log into your account from the browser.

The Difference Between Free and Real Money Games

You should know that most free casino games online are rigged in your favor. Free casino games are designed to draw you in and make you want to gamble with real money. So often, the algorithms are skewed to fill up your bankroll. You should know that it will be different at a real money casino. Those casinos employ the fairest algorithms to ensure the validity of their establishment – real money games are actually fair.


Casino Game Glossary

If you come across some popular phrases while playing and aren’t sure what they mean, brush up on the most common terms and words used in the iGaming industry. You’ll catch on to the vocabulary quickly enough if you spend a few hours playing.

Advantage player – When a gambler has some sort of advantage over the house. This used to refer to blackjack players who would count cards, but now applies to those that take advantage of casino bonuses to maximize their bets.

Ante – A type of bet used in some games (like poker) that is required before the start of the turn or hand.

Banker – Another way of referring to the house or the dealer.

Bankroll – The amount of money a player has to gamble with.

Bonus – Free money that’s given away by the casino.

Card Shark – Someone who is a seasoned pro at card games.

Cash Out – Withdrawing money from a casino.

Cashier – Online it refers to the page where you can cash in or out.

Casino advantage – Also known as the house edge, it’s the mathematical advantage the casino has over each player. All games have their own advantage.

Chips – Token used to represent cash in certain games.

Cold Streak – An extensive amount of losses over a few turns.

Croupier – The french word for dealer, used in games like roulette.

Dealer – The casino employee that’s responsible for handing out cards, taking bets, etc. In an online casino, the dealer is usually the computer, unless you’re playing live casino games.

Deposit – Adding funds to your online casino wallet.

Gambler’s Fallacy – The incorrect belief that a random event is influenced by previous events.

House – Is the word used to refer to the casino itself.

House edge – The same as a casino advantage, house edge usually refers to the small amount the casino takes from each player’s winnings.

House rules – The specific rules each casino has.

High roller – Someone who wagers high amounts, frequently in card games.

Hot steak – Winning over several turns.

Jackpot – A large prize that’s offered in casino games like slots and video poker.

Lobby – The page on an online casino where you can find a list of all their games.

Live dealer games – Casino games that are filmed in real-time with a live dealer.

Maximum bet/minimum bet – The highest and lowest you can bet on certain games.

Multi-hand – Card games where players can play more than one hand at once.

Multiplayer – Some casinos offer the option of playing some games with others.

Progressive jackpot – A large payout that increases over time. The pot gets larger either as players bet. Casinos can match bets, or the jackpot is pooled by the game provider for the game.

Push – When neither the house or the players win.

Reload bonus – An extra gift offered to customers for reloading their wallets.

Stake – The amount wagered on a game.

FAQ – Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Casino Games

If you’re a beginner who is just a little shy about stepping into the very entertaining world of online gambling, check out our FAQ below to answer any burning questions. Staying informed is the best way to confidently go into a new hobby!

Q: Are online casino games safe?

A: Yes and no. If you’re using a safe, reliable, and licensed site (which there are hundreds of), your information is absolutely safe. Licensed casinos do all they can to ensure their customers are receiving the best service because they’re overseen by their local governing body.

That being said, there are plenty of “fake” casino websites, and even free games that may have viruses or spyware, although Gambling Commissions across the states are trying to shut those down. If you’re not sure, cross-reference with our blacklisted casinos to make sure you’re playing somewhere safe. For free games, you can play right from our casino games lobby without any worries.

Q: Do online casino games pay real money?

A: Yes! Since the federal government struck down a ban on internet gambling in 2018, casinos are like any other licensed businesses. They must ensure accurate and timely payouts to keep their certification. If you’re playing a free casino game, your bankroll is not made up of real money.

Q: Is my information safe at an online casino?

A: Yes, if you’re using one of the sites listed on or any other licensed and certified casino. Good businesses use RSA encryptions to keep your information safe. Refer to each casino’s terms of agreement to see whether they sell information to third parties.

Q: Do I have to sign up to a casino to play free games?

A: Nope! Unless you specifically want to play at that casino. All real money casinos have demo versions that you can try before you play the real thing. Additionally, the casino games in our game lobby require no sign up of any kind!

Q: How do I sign up at a real money online casino?

A: First, choose a casino from our list to ensure you’re signing up with a safe and well-reviewed establishment. Every casino will confirm your location and ask you for your email. You’ll have to confirm your account through your email, and that concludes the sign-up process. Be sure to claim a sign-up bonus (if it’s available)!

Q: What is cashing out and cashing in?

A: Cashing in refers to making a deposit into your casino account. Once you’ve completed the signup process and are ready to put some real money into gambling, you can go to your account and follow the directions to make your first deposit.

Your deposit method is your primary payment method. Remember that when you cash out, your money will go back to your original payment method at most casinos. This is for your safety – it prevents fraud and money laundering. Cashing out refers to the process of withdrawing your winnings from a casino. Some casinos have a short waiting period or will ask to confirm your identity before releasing your money.

Q: What are my payment method options?

A: You’ll have a huge variety, as casinos accept just about any payment method these days (although you should check to make sure they take your preferred payment method before you sign up). You can use Mastercard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, BitCoin, and even money orders to gamble online. However, you should be aware that the Wire Act of 1961 compels banks and credit issuers to report illegal activity. Some individuals have had their credit accounts shut down, so if you’re worried, you can easily use PayPal or BitCoin to finance your new hobby.

Q: Can I play legally in the US?

A: Legality is a complicated issue in the U.S. but the short answer is that yes, it’s legal in many states. If you don’t live in a state where gambling has been specifically legalized (Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania) some sites may block you. However, many online casinos do accept players from all states.

The federal government struck down the nationwide ban on internet gambling in 2018. Since then, three states have legalized online casinos, while about a dozen states have legal sportsbooks, horse betting, and mobile gambling apps. According to market research, it’s estimated that most states will legalize online casinos by 2025.

It’s best to check your local laws to make sure it’s safe to gamble where you live.

Q: How do casino games work?

A: Casino games all employ the RNG algorithm to ensure that wins are random and happen every so often. All games work slightly differently, depending on the game. Players will place their bets, wait for the game, and collect winnings accordingly. All casino games have a house edge – a little bit that’s taken off the top of every win by the casino. That’s how casinos make their money.

Q: Are casino games rigged?

A: No, online casino games cannot be rigged if you’re playing a trustworthy and licensed site. The Gambling Association that accredits these establishments takes great care to ensure that they’re running a fair business. Algorithms are regularly tested, and they keep a close eye on customer complaints and resolutions. If a casino rigged their games, they’d lose their certification and be blacklisted quickly.

Q: What casino games have the best odds?

A: Blackjack, craps, and roulette are the three top games if you’re looking to maximize your odds. Odds will also depend on the type of bet you place and how many other people are at the table.

Q: Which games have the biggest jackpot?

A: If you’re looking to win a grand total, progressive slots and roulette games will have the biggest jackpots. In progressive games, the jackpot gets bigger every time any player bets – resulting in the highest jackpots available.

Q: Which games are best for beginners?

A: Games that rely on luck rather than strategy are probably best for beginners. If you’re new, try online slots – it’s easy, engaging, and exciting! Roulette is another great game for newbies. If you’d like to try a card game, start with classic blackjack. It requires some strategy but has relatively simple rules to remember.

Q: What games are available to play for free?

A: Just about any! You can play free blackjack, free poker, free slots, keno…. Almost any game you can think of is available to play for free online.

Q: Are casino games compatible with Macs and mobile devices?

A: Yes, free casino games work exactly the same on a Mac as they do on a windows computer. You will not have to download extra software, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right version. Mobile devices also have plenty of free casino game apps available for practice.


Ante Up: Start Playing Casino Games Right Now

For beginner gambling enthusiasts, there are plenty of options for free casino games that you can start playing right now. Use our guides to help you learn the ins and outs of each game until you’re comfortable with it. If you’ve always wanted to try wagering at an online casino for real money, now is your chance! With limitless game options and great bonuses offered to every new player, you can be on your way to a fun new hobby.

Online casino games are the wave of the future – just like in every other industry, everything’s better on the internet! Start with any of our top-rated casinos, and you’ll instantly see why millions of Americans are online gambling fanatics.