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At Livecasinokings we feature the very latest in the world of online casinos in the US and live casinos. You’ll find everything you need in the colourful world of casinos, whether you’re looking for new sites to bet on, news on games or rules you need to follow when gambling online. We focus on featuring casino sites where you can play in real time with a real dealer, something that greatly enhances the game. You can constantly follow this and much more through Livecasinokings.

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In addition to getting a simple overview of all online casino sites which offer various games, bonuses and fun, you will also receive information which affects bonuses, play-through requirements, payout percentages and general rules of play. We have designed it so that you can easily navigate your way through the information and games you are looking for. Check out the various pages on the site describing the classic casino games in more detail.

Discovering online casinos

There are plenty of advantages in betting online over betting in traditional land-based casinos. For example, there are no dress codes and no set times for when you can play. The freedom to decide the place, time and dress has convinced more and more people to bet online.

We guide you to your prefered live casino game

If you have already been an online gambler for a while and discovered the fun of betting this way, you know there is a great variety of games to try out online. Maybe you have already discovered your favourite game, whether it is baccarat, live betting, blackjack, roulette or maybe slot machines and video slots. Even if you have found a game you prefer, you can’t miss out on the excitement of delving into all the amazing variations and multitudes of games available online. The fun is trying out different games to find your “new” favourite game.

Generous online bonus offers

All casino sites linked on our site compete with all the other online casino sites. In order to rise above the rest and grab your attention, casinos often offer a incredible welcoming bonus which you as a player can take advantage of. Spoil yourself and take advantage of the various offers before deciding which casino to register on. In addition to being able to try your way through the sites when using your bonuses, you can also lengthen your gameplay which boosts your chances of winning.



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Play live casino for the best gambling feel

Play wherever you are

Playing on live casinos opens up brand new gambling adventures. Thanks to live casino, you can try your luck at casino games you otherwise could only play by trekking to far-flung casino havens in Monaco and Las Vegas.

A genuine casino experience

Live casino is a betting format that lets players follow a dealer in real time using a streamed video link while the dealer shuffles and deals the cards. Live casino gives you as a player a sense of freedom that is tough to beat without missing out on that genuine casino experience. You can play whenever and wherever you want and don’t need to worry about opening hours or what you are wearing. The money you save on travel costs you can instead spend on your gambling.

Try new live casino games

All players have their own preferences which is why it is a good idea to try out different games to discover what you feel secure with and prefer. Since developments in the world of online gambling are racing ahead, there is an advantage even for experienced players to try out new things at regular intervals. There is always something new that exceeds expectations and lifts the gameplay to an entirely new dimension.


Access to all casino live games

When you play live casino you have access to all the best games like live roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat and live odds but you are connected to a real, physical casino. You can see the dealer live and bet the way you would at the huge casinos throughout the world while sitting at home on your couch sipping on a glass of wine.

Play safe without travelling

Playing live casino gives you the best of two worlds – you discover the variation of the games and you can play whenever you want against an actual dealer who you watch live on your screen. So you don’t need to jet down to Monaco or Sin City located in the middle of Nevada’s desert landscape.

Quite simply, the casino comes to you. Modern technology has truly made it easy for players throughout the world and now almost everyone can enjoy betting under the same conditions as folks who can afford to travel to major gambling halls and huge casinos.

Live casino in different languages

Live Dealer that speaks your language

Live casino is a new adventure for many and thanks to its rapid growth and development, there is always lots to discover. We recommend that you test different casinos to find the one that will become your favourite. Many players find it a huge advantage to have a dealer who speaks their language. A native-speaking dealer gives many players a sense of security.


English the native gambling language

Some players prefer English because there are so many English words used in gambling. Playing in English can also give games an international and cosmopolitan feel if you prefer that.

Games to experience through live casino

We explain on this site in more detail the different kind of games you can discover by trying out live casino. By clicking through the menu at the top, you can read about the rules of the games and how they came to be through anecdotes and history.

What do you know about roulette?

For example, you can read about the history of roulette, which has grown from having been a favourite of the French Renaissance into completely taking over the prestigious casinos of Monaco of the Romantic era 200 years later. Several classic movies have depicted the excitement of roulette by following the sparkling ball bounce around a shiny wheel, only to decide the fate of the hero a few seconds later.


Other games that are fantastic to play live include classics such as Live Blackjack. Blackjack is an American game which is similar to baccarat. The game is played in basically all casinos and is incredibly popular both online and in physical casinos. It is up to each individual casino to set the rules for blackjack, so there is a wide variety of versions to choose from.

Odds and live betting

Another popular game is odds and live betting. Odds and live betting are games that are naturally more alive and entertaining when played live – in other words when played in real time. Following the play every second, trying to predict the game’s next move is pure excitement for many. You really have to be cool as ice and trust your instincts when playing this game.


Baccarat is a game where players bet on one of three options. The game involves several decks of cards, usually between six and eight. The options include believing that the player will get the best hand (called ”punto”), that the bank will get it (called ”banco”) or that it will end in a tie (called ”egalité”). Legendary silver screen secret agent James Bond counts baccarat as his favourite game and in the book Casino Royale, which was made into a movie, the agent plays baccarat and not poker as depicted in the film.

You can play live here

Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Microgaming

There are a number of major game manufacturers that offer various kinds of live games. One of them is Evolution Gaming who rely on casino studios which they transmit from Latvia and Malta. Players can choose to play in private rooms or in VIP rooms, but to play in the latter you must be invited by the casino.

Other gaming companies that use casino studios with livestreaming feeds include Playtech and Microgaming. In live play you have greater control over the tables and their various appearances. You can even play on several tables at the same time and make various adjustments on the table you are playing on.



In addition to Playtech and Microgaming, you will also find betting company and developer Netent who offers livestream feeds from Gothenburg in Sweden and Kiev in Ukraine. In addition to the high quality of gameplay, they offer a level of customer service that is almost unmatched.

You can choose from 30 different currencies and communicate with customer service in 23 different languages. You can also pick the language your dealer speaks, which is more than can be said for dealers at the world’s largest gambling mecca, Las Vegas.

Why you should play at a live casino

Playing live casino at an online casino gives players a much more authentic atmosphere than the classic virtual games at an online casino. Many players miss the human aspect – to have a real person dealing the cards and moderating the game – when they play against a computer.

When you play at a live casino, your experience is as close to the actual casino world as it can get. It is the ideal betting format that enables you to play wherever and whenever you want without missing out on the advantages of playing in a physical casino.

We hope that you – with our help at Livecasinokings – can find your favourites when you play at a live casino.

Best of luck with your gambling!

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