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livecasinokings.com Terms of Service

Last Updated: March 2020

Welcome to livecasinokings.com (the “Site”).

The site is operated by Montepremi AB, Org.nr: 556901-1033 (the “Company,” “We,” “Our,” or “Us”).

These Terms of Service, in addition to our Privacy Policy, embody the terms and conditions (“Terms”) that apply to your access and use of the Site and Services (“Services” or “livecasinokings.com Services” as defined below). Together, the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy constitute the “Agreement,” which is a binding legal compliance arrangement between the User and Us. “livecasinokings.com” refers to livecasinokings.com and it’s officers, employees, directors, consultants, affiliated partners, and any future subsidiaries.

Please review the Privacy Policy in addition to the Terms of Service prior to your use of the Services.

By accessing the site or using any of its services, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Agreement and consent to be bound by the terms found here. 

We reserve the right to occasionally change or update our Terms of Service with no prior notice.

I. Acceptance of the Agreement

(i.) If you do not accept or agree with any part of these terms and conditions you should immediately stop using the Site and Services.

(ii.) It is the user’s responsibility to read and stay aware of the current and correct terms of Service. We recommend that all users regularly check the Terms of Service.

(iii.) We reserve the right to suspend services to any particular user at any time at our discretion for any reason, including but not limited to a breach of the Terms of Service Agreement.

II. Use of the Site and Services

(i.) This website and its Services are designed for adult use in accordance with local United States laws and policies. Only those users aged 18 or over may use our Services.

(ii.) Our services and the materials throughout our website are not designed to attract, interest or otherwise engage those under the legal age in the United States.

(iii.) Anyone under the age of 18 must immediately quit using the Site and Services.

III. The Services

The full description of website services, intent, and other information is defined as Our “Services” therein. All references to the “Services” include the following specific definitions.

(i.) The goal of this site is to provide free, up-to-date information on various forms of gambling products and the iGaming industry for informational purposes only. You agree to use this Site in an instructional and personal capacity.

(ii.) We are affiliate with legal, licensed, and respected online casinos, sportsbooks, and other gambling websites for the purpose of educating our clients.

(iii.) We do not condone any illegal activity or encourage illegal gambling practices for U.S. residents.

(iv.) livecasinokings.com does not operate a casino, nor do we take any type of bets or wagers.

(v.) Article, information, and advice on livecasinokings.com is prepared and gathered using a number of sources and compiled and written by professionals. We are not liable for any betting “advice” given and all data is for information educational purposes. You agree that you are liable for any decisions or actions made after reading through our website.

(vi.) You acknowledge that livecasinokings.com is not liable for any losses or damage, directly or indirectly, caused by or in connection with Our Services.

IV. Disclaimer for Third-Party Sites

The purpose of this section of the Terms and Conditions is to make the user aware of third-party sites and their uses within our Services. For details on privacy and how third-party sites collect information, read our Privacy Policy.

Due to the nature of our purpose, livecasinokings.com features gambling affiliated partners, including, but not limited to casinos, sportsbooks, and other gambling products to which we refer our users throughout the natural course of Services. You agree that any use of third-party affiliate partners or websites is outside of our liability. When you leave livecasinokings.com you are subscribing to the outside-party’s terms and conditions and privacy policies.

(i.) Services from third-parties are under their own terms and policies and we encourage users to read through those service policies when leaving our site. Any advice or gambling actions taken after leaving our Site is the responsibility of the user. For any disputes with third-party websites, users are encouraged to contact that company’s customer service department.

(ii.) livecasinokings.com is not liable for any information regarding third-party sites contained within reviews, articles, or summaries on livecasinokings.com as this information is subject to change at the will of the third-party at any time without notice. We do maintain and update data on the website regularly.

(iii.) We do not endorse any third-parties unless specified throughout our site. All information regarding third-parties is based on research and experiences and is freely given to the benefit of the User for informational substance.

(iv.) We do not sell or share your information with third-party websites. Third-party websites may collect cookies and other information when the user clicks an outbound link. More information is available in our Privacy Policy.

(v.) livecasinokings.com is not responsible for any damage or losses connected with third-party partners. It is the user’s responsibility to research and read all terms of services before engaging with third-party betting websites.

V. Code of Conduct

The user agrees to behave in line with the rules spelled out in this code of conduct when using the Services provided.

(i.) The user will not collect or access any user information or collect any personally identifiable information of other visitors of this site or Services for any reason whatsoever.

(ii.) Users may not violate the rights of third-party websites, including intellectual property.

(iii.) Individuals may not interfere with the security-related features or algorithms on this website. The distribution of viruses, malware or any device with similar malicious intent is prohibited.

(iv.) Users are prohibited from copying or monitoring the content of these pages using any automated or manual means without written permission from livecasinokings.com.

(v.) Users agree not to falsify age when using the Services.

(vi.) You may not use the Site, Services, or Content in connection with illegal activity.

(vii.) Users will respect the intellectual property rights of the Site and agree not to copy, reproduce, republish, or distribute content without express permission.

VI. Gaming Services Compliance

(i.) This Site, Content, and Services are made available to users for personal entertainment and informational purposes only.

(ii.) Our Site frequently links to third-party affiliated partners and services through outbound links when appropriate as it relates to gaming services and content.

(iii.) You understand that gambling laws vary internationally and throughout the United States and agree that it is your own responsibility to research and fully comply with any local gambling laws or regulations.


I. Intellectual Property Rights

The Company owns all data throughout the Site and Services. The Company is protected by applicable copyright and intellectual property laws and no material from these Services is to be copied, reprinted, republished, or distributed in any way without permission.

(i) As the user of this site, you agree that you will not in any way infringe upon the Company’s intellectual rights or redistribute or republish any content, including but not limited to text, articles, infographics, images, graphics, functional components, or other materials as made available through the Site.

II. Copyright Infringement

If you believe your content has been used in any way that constitutes copyright infringement, or if you would like to use this content in any way please contact us for permission at:

Montepremi AB
[email protected]
Org.nr: 556901-1033
118 46 Stockholm

Please include your name and other relevant case details in your email and we will respond within a reasonable time frame.

I. Disclaimer

(i.) You agree that your access to this Site and its contents is at your sole option, discretion, and risk.

(ii.) All Services are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without any conditions or warranties. Although we regularly update our services and content and strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible, there may be technical issues or informational errors or inaccuracies. We welcome you to contact us at [email protected] with any such discrepancies.

II. Limitation of Liability

By agreeing to these Terms, you agree that this Company and its partners and subsidiaries or licensors are in no way liable to you or any other third-party for any incidental, special, consequential, direct, indirect, or punitive damages. This company is also spared liability based on any warranty, tort, contract, statute, or any other legal means.

(i.) We are in no way responsible for any damage or loss whatsoever in connection with your use of the site or its third-party affiliate partners.

(ii.) You confirm that this company is in no way liable to you or any third-party for suspension of services or discontinuance of the Site.

III. Indemnity

The user agrees to fully indemnify livecasinokings.com and it’s staff, officers, employees, or anyone otherwise affiliated with the Site and Services (considered “Indemnified Parties”) in any case, from any and all claims, liabilities, proceedings, damages, losses, expenses, legal fees, and other forms of financial retribution in relation to a) your access of the Site and Services, b) your violation of the Terms, c) Your violation of any local law, d) your violation of any third party rights, or e) any disputes between you and a third-party.

IV. Termination of This Agreement

We reserve the right to terminate this Agreement as well as access to our Sites and Services without notice or financial compensation.

We may restrict your access and terminate this Agreement for violating the Terms of Service, or any other reason we see fit.

V. Governing and Arbitration

(i.) By visiting or accessing this Site or Services you consent that this Agreement and any other policies are served in accordance with United States laws.

(ii.) In the interest of any dispute, the user agrees to first contact livecasinokings.com and wait for a conflict resolution. Any arbitrations, court disputes, or class action is prohibited upon your acceptance of this Agreement.

(iii.) In the event of any dispute, you agree to keep all information strictly confidential unless otherwise directed by us.

VI. Notice to U.S. Residents

If any user should take issue with the Services or Content of this Company, you may contact your state’s Consumer Department of Affairs in order to resolve any complaints. This is in accordance with a variety of local laws.

I. Entire Agreement

This Agreement states that these Terms, along with the Privacy Policy, constitute the compliance policies of livecasinokings.com. By using our services, you are effectively agreeing to all such policies within.

II. Contact Us

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to write to us. We make a great effort to respond to all legitimate concerns.

Montepremi AB
[email protected]
Org.nr: 556901-1033
118 46 Stockholm

Thank you for reading our Terms of Service. We hope you continue to enjoy the use of our Services.