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Effective March 2020:

This privacy policy applies to your use of all products and services available from, including your access to the website.

At (the company, “we” or “us”) respect our client’s privacy and are committed to protecting your right to privacy. If you have any concerns, please contact us at [email protected].

We do not use or share your information with third-party websites. This privacy policy details the type of information we collect & relevant information. All our information collection is compliant with all U.S. laws.

By using our website services, you are consenting to the privacy practices laid out in this policy.

I. In Our Policy

We have created this privacy policy in line with our terms of service to inform you (the user) about how we collect and manage our information throughout your use of our website. This website is dedicated to providing current information on the gambling industry and casino games (known as our “services”). We encourage everyone to read through our privacy policy and use it to make informed decisions.

Our Privacy Policy includes:

  • Types of information we collect
  • Cookies
  • How information is used
  • Sharing information
  • How long we retain data
  • Our security
  • How to contact us

& other related topics covered throughout.

A. Types of Information We Collect

The types of information we collect includes un-identified and non-identifiable information. We cannot identify the user or any additional personal information through the data that is collected.

The following information is gathered through the use of the website’s services and interactions with the website:

  • Demographics (like age or location)
  • Feedback/Support
  • Mailing List
  • Partner promotion
  • Mobile device info
  • Website interactions
  • Cookies
  • Server logs

We collect different types of data in order to enhance the functionality of our services, and to provide users with the best possible experience. The information we collect is through the use of third-party analytical cookies that store hardware and software information (types of browser or operating system, language preferences, access time and the domain name from which you were linked, etc.).

Personal information refers to information freely given to us. We do not at this time ask for your email address or any other personal information. We may keep your name and contact information if you communicate with us through email. This is done to track progress with any customer service issues.

The rest of this privacy policy describes all types of information we collect in detail.

B. Automatic Information

When you visit any page through your browser or any links, we may automatically receive and store certain information from your computer, web browser, or mobile device without limitations, known as ‘automatic information’.

This data is used for research and analytics purposes. All data is anonymized and cannot personally identify you.

The types automatic information gathered by our services includes:

  • IP address
  • Device IDs (if you access our site from a mobile device)
  • Geolocation data
  • Information on sites you visited just before or just after visiting
  • Pages you visit throughout our site
  • Dates and time you visited the site

This information is standard and used solely for analytical purposes and website configuration.

C. The Use of Cookies

Cookies and other methods of website analysis are used by to gather and track certain information related to your activity as you navigate our services.

Cookies refer to the data naturally stored on your computer containing information about your usage of our website. We use these cookies for various purposes, including allowing you to navigate between web pages efficiently and enabling automatic activation of certain features including remembering your language and location preferences.

We appropriate several different types of cookies including (i.) session cookies which are temporary and disappear after you close the browser, and (ii.) persistent cookies, which may remain and be used by your browser on subsequent visits. There are also (iii.) third-party cookies that are logged by affiliates and analytical services used by us. Third-party cookies are defined in detail in the next section of this policy.

You may be prompted to accept cookies when accessing our services. Users can choose not to accept but then may not be able to fully utilize website services. The settings for the retrieval of cookies by different websites can be removed through your web browser’s settings. How to delete cookies from:

D. Third-party Site Information

Third-party refers to any sites or services outside of We allow third-party affiliated partners, including business partners, analytics providers, and advertising networks to access and collect basic anonymous information such as locations, IP addresses, and other browser information.

Third-party cookies are set by other websites for analytics purposes, such as Google Analytics, Hotjar, and Cloudflare. We reserve the right to add or change these third-party sites as we see fit.

We may implement third-party advertising on the site which allows the content provider to read your cookies in connection with your usage of their web beacons. Our content enables sharing to Facebook and other sites, which may allow a third-party website to collect information through your browser.

E. When You Leave Our Site

Due to the nature of our services this website contains links to third-party partners. Please be aware that our privacy policy does not apply once you leave our site. We bear no liability for the policies of external affiliates. De-identified information collected by third-party sites directly through advertising services, cookies, web beacons, or general browser information belongs to that company. Users are encouraged to please read privacy policy statements from any third parties before engaging in any gambling activities.

II. How We Use Your Information

The cookies we use are an integral part of our website operations. We use any data we collect to update and optimize our overall services. We only collect data within the laws. Most commonly we will use your data:

  • To optimize user experience, providing you with better services
  • To create new features and improve functionality
  • Analyze usage trends across devices
  • Fraud detection and information security
  • Cookie information to personalize services and provide customized advertisements and content across devices

We only collect information when users give specific consent.

A. How Long We Keep Information

We value your privacy and therefore allow users to request to change or update your information by emailing us at [email protected]. We do not collect personal information but rather un-identifiable data for our personal use.

Unless you opt-out of the cookie policy, we reserve the right to retain any data collected for as long as it is necessary in accordance with any laws.

You have the right to request access to your personal data and the right to withdraw consent at any time.

B. We Do Not Share Information

We do not collect personal information such as name, email, address, etc. and thus do not share personal information. Any information obtained is anonymous and collected for analytical purposes and is shared with third parties when necessary.

We may share analytical information with affiliates, and third-party sites may use their own cookies to identify your IP address when you click our links.

C. Keeping Your Information Secure

We have put in place appropriate security measures to protect your privacy. Necessary encryptions have been added to prevent your data from being lost, stolen, altered, or disclosed in any way. Additionally, we limit access to personal information to employees and agents who are subject to a code of confidentiality.

D. Our Commitment to Data Security

We do not currently sell data to any third-parties. We also take special care to protect any data received through our services. Data is encrypted and protected by physical, technical, and managerial safeguards.

III. Minors

We restrict the use of this site to those individuals over 18 years of age. This policy reflects the legal age in the United States. All minors will be restricted from accessing our site should that information become verified.

IV. EU Visitors

This privacy policy was created in accordance with GDPR rules. Though we do not request any identifiable information, concerned users are welcome to write to us and have their information removed from the site and database. Please use the contact information at the end of this page.

V. Updates

We reserve the right to change or update any part of this policy without notifying the consumer. The most current version of our privacy policy is always located on our website.


VI. How to Contact Us

If you have any general questions about our services or our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]. We aim to respond to all legitimate requests within the month. You can find more information on our about us page.

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We’d like to thank you for reviewing our privacy policy!