Online Blackjack: How to Play + Where to Play in India

Our complete guide on how and where to play online blackjack for real money in India!

Online Blackjack in India

Blackjack, also known as “21”, is one of the most popular casino games in existence, and it’s hugely popular throughout India. Now, Indian players can easily sign up at an online casino and play blackjack for real money anytime. Whether you’re an experienced player or a newbie, we’ve created a guide that can help you become a better player – and help you find where to play!

This guide includes:

  • Best casino list for online blackjack
  • Game rules + how to start playing
  • A complete game guide
  • Betting strategies, card values, odds, and RTP rates on games
  • Common blackjack terms
  • Tips and tricks on how to win

& More!

Where to Play Blackjack Online in India

If you’re an avid casino fan you’ll have noticed that there are dozens of great, licensed online casinos in India that advertise online blackjack. The choices for the best online casino are overwhelming – which is why we made this list! The casinos on this list offer a great selection of game choices, good bonuses, plenty of payment methods, and are all licensed and secure.

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₹ 80.000 (x30)
  • Huge live dealer selection
  • Over 1,000 games
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First deposit: 100% up to ₹80,000
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Pure Casino

  • Great welcome bonuses, up to ₹10,00
  • Small minimum deposits
  • Good game selection
  • Customer service in native languages


  • Known for huge welcome bonuses
  • Excellent selection of blackjack and Live Blackjack
  • Great VIP Program


  • Huge game library
  • Large bonuses
  • Fun rotating promotions


  • Lots of payment options like eWallets
  • Small minimum deposit
  • Plenty of game options


  • Games and customer support in Indian languages
  • Large game library
  • Great bonus offers


How We Choose the Best Casinos for Online Blackjack

We consider several factors when compiling our lists and recommendations. We look for casinos with:

  • Top-Notch Security
  • Fairness
  • Great Bonuses and Offers
  • User Interface
  • Mobile Versions
  • Fast and Easy Payouts
  • Great customer service

First and foremost any casinos recommended by are licensed and secure – making them safe options for online gambling. Since there are so many options, we’re all about finding the top-quality casinos out there. Everything from the website’s layout to their mobile version is a factor. We want gambling fans throughout India to have easy access to the best places to play online blackjack!


Top Blackjack Game Providers

The quality of online blackjack games depends on the providers that develop them! Game providers spend a great deal of time and effort developing blackjack casino games with different themes, styles, and graphics, so that players like you can always find a great title to play. As you’re browsing through casinos, keep an eye out for these top online blackjack game providers:

  • Playtech
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Microgaming
  • Amaya
  • BetSoft
  • Cryptologic
  • Dragonfish
  • Gamesys
  • Habanero
  • NetEnt
  • Novomatic
  • Pragmatic Play


How to Play Blackjack: Step-by-Step Play Guide

If you’ve never played online blackjack before, here’s your step-by-step guide to how a blackjack game works. Firstly, blackjack is a card game. The idea is to get a hand that equals 21, or as close to 21 as possible. You’ll be playing against the dealer. You’ll be dealt two cards, and the dealer will have two cards. If your hand value is low, you can ask the dealer to “hit,” which means they’ll deal you another card. If you go over 21, you lose. If the dealer hits 21, they win. If no one hits 21, the highest hand wins. When there’s a tie between you and the dealer, you split the pot. Here’s how you play online blackjack:

Step 1: Join a Blackjack Table at a Casino

After you’ve chosen a casino, signed up, and made your initial deposit, you’re ready to play blackjack. Choose a game you like from the lobby. You can choose RNG blackjack or a Live Dealer Blackjack game. Click on it and you’ll be sat at a table. You’ll be allowed to place a bet at the next turn. Some blackjack casino games have higher stakes than others, meaning the minimum bet is often high. You may choose a high or low-stakes table depending on how much you want to bet.

Step 2: Place Your Bet

The dealer will ask how much you want to bet. You’ll have to bet a certain minimum, but you can bet as much as you like (within the table limits). Type it in or choose it the option on your screen.

Step 3: Get Initial Cards

You’ll see the two cards you’re dealt. Total up your card value.

Step 3: Decide to Hit or Stand

Hit means that you’re asking for another card. Stand means that you’ve got the hand you want and are waiting until the end of the turn. The general rule is if you’re below 16, you can hit to try and get to 21. If you’re above 16, it’s best to stand so that you don’t go over and “bust.”

Step 4: Recalculate Your Hand’s Value

If you chose to add another card to your hand, re-add your card’s value and decide whether you should hit again or stand.

Step 5: See Who Won!

You likely won’t see the dealer’s hand until the end. They’ll reveal their cards to see who won or lost. If there’s a tie, the money in the pot will go back to you. If the dealer wins, they keep the bet. If you hit 21 or have a higher hand than the dealer, you win!

Keep blackjack strategy in mind at a casino. If your initial cards are bad, you can surrender and take back half your bet. If you choose to hit and are pushed over 21, you automatically lose. If the dealer gets over 21 (a bust), everyone at the table automatically splits the pot.

Blackjack Card Values

To calculate your hand’s value, you have to know how much each card is worth. Luckily, that’s not difficult in blackjack. Once you get the hang of it, there’s nothing to it but simple addition! When you play online, the computer totals everything for you, making play even simpler!

Number cards – Are worth what they’re written as. A three of clubs is a three, a five is a five, and so on.

Kings, Queens, Jacks – All face cards are worth 10.

Aces – Aces are high or low in this game. An ace counts as either one or 10 depending on your hand. A soft hand is one where an ace is counted as 11. For example, if a person’s initial hand has a six and an ace, that would be a soft 17. If the person chooses to hit and draws a 10, that ace then counts as one. Then the hand becomes known as a hard 17, because drawing another card could cause the player to go over 21.

Blackjack Variants

So now that you know how to play blackjack, you can choose from a variety of blackjack games available on the internet. They all have the same basic rules but differ a little in the way you play. Try them all until you find your favourite!

Classic/American Blackjack – This is the classic blackjack variant as described in the step-by-step guide above. You and the dealer are dealt two cards, and the goal is to get to 21.

Progressive – Almost the same as classic blackjack, except that there is an additional small bet. This increases the jackpot, so when you win, you win big!

European – This differs in the way the cards are dealt. Here, the dealer will have one card facing up, known as the hole card. The dealer cannot make any moves until the player has decided what to do (hit or stand).

Atlantic City – This game is usually played with 8 decks, and you’ll have a late surrender and insurance option. Here, the dealer is allowed to peek at the dealer’s card and stand on a soft 17.

Switch – This is a fun new way to play. The player gets two hands and can switch them around to try and hit black jack. There’s a 1:1 payout rather than the usual 3:2.

Spanish 21 – In Spanish 21, all the face cards are removed. It’s usually played with six or eight decks, which increases the house edge. The dealer is allowed to peek at the hole card. Late surrenders are allowed.

Live Online Blackjack

Live online blackjack is one of the best ways to play this game if you ask us. Most casinos have live dealer games – just check their live casino lobby. Live dealer is the most realistic blackjack game available. It is a live-streamed game going on in real-time, complete with a professional dealer in a studio at a casino table. It’s as close to a physical casino as you can get online. You’ll get to sit at a table, chat with the dealer and any other players, and play exactly as you would in a land-based casino.

You’ll find a huge variety of live dealer blackjack games. Some have different dealers, themes, dedicated branded tables, or game styles. Try out different ones to see which one you like best!


Play Blackjack on Your Mobile Device

Most online casinos work wonderfully from your mobile browser. You can easily play blackjack for real money from your mobile phone or tablet. Either access your usual casino from the browser and log in with your email address, or download the casino’s app. Some casinos will have apps available right from your Apple or Google App Stores that you can easily download. Sometimes, you may have to download the app from the casino’s homepage. Either way, blackjack is mobile friendly. You can even play live dealer blackjack on your phone!


Blackjack RTP & Odds

Now that you know how to choose a blackjack game and play, you can practice until you’re familiar with the process. As you become more comfortable and begin to strategize more, you should keep the RTP and odds in mind.

What is the RTP in blackjack?

Blackjack has one of the best RTP (Return to Player) rates. This means that the house edge is low in blackjack, and players make back more than 95-97% of their winnings. The house edge is how much the casino takes off the top of your winnings per turn. This is common in every casino. Experienced players love blackjack precisely because they feel like they win more because of the RTP rate, also known as the payout percentage.

What Are the Odds in Blackjack?

The odds for each hand vary depending on the cards you have, the cards left in the desk, and your dealer’s hand. To become a better player you have to have some understanding of the odds, which means understand how likely you are to bust if you hit. For example, if your initial cards are high, the probability that you bust on the next card is high. You should also consider what the odds are that the dealer will bust on their next move.


Tips and Tricks for Winning at Blackjack

As you’re playing, here are some ground rules that seasoned players abide by. This chart will help you figure out what to do in certain situations as you get the hang of the game!

Do Don’t
Choose tables where the dealer has to hit on a soft 17, the odds will be in your favour Split a pair of 10s
Play on a table with a surrender option Stand on 12 if the dealer has a card of 7 or higher
Always split a hand of two aces Take insurance
Hit on 16 if the dealer has a 10 Use the surrender option too often
Play games where you can double after splitting Play at a table that uses 6 or 8 decks unless you can surrender



Blackjack Betting Systems

A betting system is another strategy for winning more money at blackjack – and most other casino table games. By choosing when and how to bet, you’re automatically going to win more than just betting randomly. There are a few systems you can try!

  • Martingale

This is known as a negative progression betting system. The idea is you bet more when you lose, so that the next time you win, you win back more than you bet. For example, if you bet ₹5 and lose, on the next turn you should double your bet. You bet ₹10, then ₹20, then ₹40, and so on, until you win. Then you go back to your original bet, which is ₹5. You may need a higher bankroll to play blackjack with this system.

  • D’Alembert

Another negative progression system, the D’Alembert is a safer version of the Martingale. Here, you also increase your bets when losing, but only by one unit, rather than double. For example, the minimum bet in a game is ₹5 – this is one unit. If you bet ₹5 and lose, on the next hand you bet two units, or ₹10, then three units – ₹15. Do this until you win, and then scale back by one unit.

  • Paroli

This method is the opposite of the Martingale. A positive progression system, with the Paroli, you bet more when you win. So if you bet ₹10 and win, you bet ₹20 on the next hand. If you lose, you go back to the original starter bet.

  • Fibonacci 

To work with the Fibonacci system while playing blackjack we recommend writing down the Fibonacci sequence and your bets to keep track. The Fibonacci sequence of numbers was developed by mathematician Leonardo Pisan. The sequence is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, and so on. The number next in the row is the sum of the two previous numbers. Each number represents a betting unit when used for gambling, and you increase your bets according to the sequence when you lose. So if your initial unit bet is ₹5 and you lose, on the next turn you bet ₹5 again, on the next you bet ₹10, on the next you bet ₹15, then ₹40, then ₹65 and so forth. When you win you go back to your original bet.


Blackjack Glossary

Blackjack terms can be confusing when you start out – so here’s your official dictionary for the game!

Blackjack – A hand that instantly wins, worth 21. An ace and any face value or card with 10 is a blackjack.

Bust – To go over 21 and lose.

Chip down – When a player decreases their bet from the last turn.

Double down – To bet double and receive one more card.

Hard hand – A hand that does not contain an ace, the hand can only have one total value.

Hit – The option of taking another card.

Hole card – The dealer’s face-down card.

Insurance – A type of bet that happens when the dealer has an ace to ensure the players get paid at 2:1 odds if the dealer hits blackjack.

Monkey – A card with a value of 10.

Shoe – The box from which the cards are dealt.

Soft hand – A hand that contains an ace which is valued at 11, meaning another card can be taken and thus change the value of the ace card.

Split – When you have two equal cards you may split them into two hands.

Stand – Choose this option when you do not want another card.

Surrender – A betting option a player can take advantage of when they think they cannot beat the dealer. This gives away half the bet.

Commonly Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whether you’re starting out or familiar with the world of blackjack and online gambling, there are always some common questions any player has!

Q: How does online blackjack work?

A: All online games are based on an RNG (Random Number Generator) algorithm. This randomizes and shuffles the decks, ensuring a random outcome. This makes playing fair and cheating impossible. When you sit down and place your bet, the game’s algorithm takes over. This means that sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose!

Q: Can I legally play real money blackjack in India?

A: The legality of gambling in India is a grey area. There are no laws prohibiting online gambling, which creates a loophole allowing casinos to operate. This means that you can feel safe wagering money on an online blackjack game.

Q: What is the best site to play blackjack in India?

A: The best is a matter of opinion of course, but LeoVegas, Casumo, and Rizk all have lobbies with a large selection of blackjack games.

Q: Can I play free blackjack online?

A: Yes! Most casinos offer demo versions of free blackjack that you can play without betting real money or giving out your email address. Try out your blackjack skills at our casino games lobby for the best free blackjack online.

Q: How can I win at online blackjack?

A: Blackjack is a game of chance, like most other casinos games, there’s no 100% guarantee that you’ll win. However, if you want to win more we suggest learning more about odds and betting strategies! Blackjack has one of the highest RTP rates, so it’s more profitable when you win!

Q: Are there bonuses for blackjack?

A: Yes, some casinos have blackjack bonuses. Many casinos run promotions on their blackjack games, either offering extra winnings, free turns, or cashback on losses.

Q: Is card counting possible in online blackjack?

A: No, it’s nearly impossible to count cards online. Between every turn, the RNG algorithms shuffle the decks, so it’s hard to keep track of what cards came before or guess the probability of what cards will come next. Online, algorithms prevent cheating, so you can’t resort to the age-old system of card counting here! The casino can’t cheat you due to the algorithm, and you can’t cheat the casino through any other means – so it is always a fair game!


Will You Win or Bust? Start Playing Blackjack Today!

Blackjack is a great game that you can make a hobby out of! There are tons of material on betting strategies, odds, and rules & principles that can get you playing blackjack like a pro. Online blackjack is designed to be as entertaining as possible, and when you start strategizing and playing to win – you can easily spend hours having fun with this game!

If you’re not quite ready to start betting real cash yet, try some free online blackjack games until you get the hang of it. And when you’re ready, try any of the casinos off our list and claim a hefty welcome bonus while you’re at it!