What are free spins?

Free spins are awarded to players as part of a welcome bonus from casinos. These free spins usually come attached to a specific slot game and essentially give the player a chance to test out the game without having to put in any of their own money.

Read terms and conditions

Usually before beginning to play the specified slot, the casino will prompt the player asking if they wish to use the free spins or pay for the spin themselves. Using the free spins simply means that the reels will be spun on the lowest value bet offered by that slot though any winnings accrued will still be credited to the player’s account. Free spins do tend to come with strings attached so it is important that players understand the full process that is involved before leaping in headfirst and playing at the first casino they come across.

What is important when claiming a free spins bonus?

Free spins can be a fun and lucrative way to make a little extra money with little to no expense to the player. However, there are a number of important things to note.

How do you claim free spins?

Firstly, it is necessary to see how to claim these free spins. Usually this is by signing up an account with the casino in question. This means providing a number of pieces of personal information and also acknowledging being over the age of eighteen.

The free spins also most commonly are only available for a specific slot game. This should be clearly announced or written alongside the free spins so that players know exactly which game it is that they can play.

Players should also carefully check the wagering requirements that are attached to the spins as well. This is important as the requirements can have a major impact on how much a player will be able to win within the game.

Coin values and bet limits

With this ability to win in mind, players should also check out the slot that the free spins relate to. They should see what coin values, bet limits and overall slot game play is available.

Free spins will always use the lowest coin value, which can make it hard to acquire any big wins so it is important to check on the slot exactly how low that is and whether it is even worth signing up to claim the bonus at all.

Always play safe

Lastly, it is also important to check out the casino as a whole. Just because the free spins offer sounds enticing, it doesn’t mean that it will be a good offer. Players should make sure that the casino offering the bonus is in fact a reputable and trustworthy one. Even without putting money into the casino, the player can still suffer in the hands of a fraudulent site through having personal data stolen and more.

Free Spins wagering

As with any casino bonus there are always, unless the player is very lucky, wagering requirements attached. Wagering requirements are what the casino put in place in order to reap back some of the free money that they are basically handing out. These will vary greatly between casinos and can play a major part in how much of the winnings a player can take, or if it is even possible. In simple terms, a wagering requirement is how many times the bonus money must be played through before any winnings can be withdrawn by the player.

High wagering requirements

For the most part, these wagering requirements sit in the middle ground with most casinos offering around twenty times as the standard. However, some will offer significantly lower – some casinos have been found to offer just twice through, but others much higher. Some will have wagering requirements of fifty times or more. This makes it almost impossible for any winnings that the player made to be withdrawn.

Check the time frame

In addition to this, most casinos will have a set time frame in which these requirements must be fulfilled. Often, this is a month from the time the bonus was activated, though it can be less or more. Hence, it behoves the player to check this before accepting the bonus and playing. Failure to meet the wagering requirements will result in the bonus and the winnings simply being removed from the player’s account.

Free spins winnings

When using the free spins there is the exact same possibility of accruing winnings as there is when not using free spins. However, there are some differences in terms of withdrawal and the amount. For the most part, when using free spins, the casino will automatically have the spins set on the lowest possible bet value. This means that even though winnings can be made they are most likely to be lower than those a player would make if they put their own money in. This is simply because most players will not play with the lowest wager but rather a few steps up which will mean larger winnings.

Keep in mind

It should also be noted that there will be the aforementioned wagering requirements in place. This means that even if a player manages to make some wins there are strings attached. With wins made in a non-bonus setting, players can instantly withdraw their winnings with no need to go through any specific process to do so. With free spins, these winnings cannot be removed unless the wagering requirements are met which does lead to the potential of the player never seeing those winnings at all.

Free spins no deposit

Often, free spins are offered without the need for the player to deposit any money into their casino account in order to claim them. Most of the time in order to be able to use the free spins, the player simply needs to create an account with the casino in question. These free spins will only be offered in conjunction with a specific slot game.

They allow players to check out a game completely free and do not require any input in monetary form from the player themselves. This means that when the free spins have been used, the player is under no obligation to remain at the casino whatsoever. They can take their winnings (if they have fulfilled the requirements) and simply leave.

Free spins as part of a welcome bonus

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Free spins are most commonly offered as part of a welcome bonus. This is done because online casinos are usually involved in heavy competition with one another and are trying to seem more enticing to the player. To get these free spins, players simply need to make an account with the casino.

This usually involves using a valid email address, a home address, full name and birthday. It should be noted that players must be over the age of eighteen in order to be able to play at a casino and failure to do that can result in the account being shutdown permanently.

How you use your free spins

For the most part, unless the free spins are in conjunction with a match deposit bonus, the player is under no obligation to deposit any money into the casino at all. The simple act of activating an account will be enough to have the free spins credited to their account.

To use them, the player simply needs to open the game that they are for and select yes when prompted by the casino as to whether they wish to use them or not. Often, the player will be given a specific amount of time in which to use the free spins as well. Sometimes this is as short as a day, other times it can be as long as a month.

Minimum deposit required

In the case of the player needing to deposit money to claim the bonus, the process is the same for creating an account but the player will be required to link a bank account and make a deposit using a transaction method they are comfortable with. There is usually a minimum deposit required which must be met and then the bonus will be credited into the player’s account.

Free spins as a reload bonus

Free spins in a welcome bonus can come in two forms. Either they are all paid out in one big amount right at the start or they can be staggered. Both options can come with a range of free spins. Some casinos will offer a lump amount of anywhere between ten to fifty free spins. Likewise, the staggered free spins will be the same. However, the staggered option usually awards more free spins over the long run and often runs for seven to ten days from the moment the player first made the account.

One-off bonus

Many casinos will offer around ten free spins per day on a specific game that will either stay the same, or change depending on the day. For this type of free spin bonus, players will have to sign into their account each day in order to claim the new set of spins. These spins also have to be used within the day otherwise the player will forfeit this bonus. The reason that many casinos will offer the staggered free spin bonus is simply to get the player to make returns to their casino. A one-off bonus can potentially see the player using the bonus and then leaving never to come back.

Use the reload bonus to try different games

A reload bonus, on the other hand, tempts the player to return again and again, potentially getting hooked at the casino and eventually putting their own money in. The reload bonuses that offer free spins on a number of different games over the days are also more likely to entice the player to continue visiting the casino as it gives them more chances to try out other games that they otherwise may not have played.

Free spins at the live casino

Free spins at a live casino are few and far between. This is for the simple reason that for the most part there are no live casinos offering slot games, which is primarily what the free spins are for. However, there are a number of online casinos that have a live casino as part of their setup and will offer free spins to be used elsewhere in their casino game collection.

This is important to note, so that players do not get confused thinking that the free spins can be used on live casino games. Players may be forgiven thinking that potentially the free spins could be used on a game of roulette for example, but this is not the case.

Evolution Gamings Mermaid’s Fortune

More recently, Evolution Gaming has developed the first live slot called Mermaid’s Fortune live slot. This has cleverly incorporated the traditional random number generated game with five reels and twenty paylines into a live setting.

There are progressives, wilds and multipliers all incorporated into the game play along with a live mermaid who interacts with the players during their spins and offers further details and live bonus rounds such as a wheel of fortune. Potentially down the line there could be free spins offered for this game but at this time there doesn’t appear to be any casino offering any.

Use free spins to try out casinos and new games

For the most part, utilizing free spins when given the chance, is an excellent way for players to experience the casino and the game without having to put any of their money in. Even though players may win using these free spins, it can be hard for them to actually retrieve it at the other end due to the wagering requirements that are in place.

However, for many, the free spins are simply a great way to get the feel for a game, how it plays and whether it is even worth playing with real money at all. With a no-strings-attached bonus such as this, players are free to test out a number of casinos, helping them make a much more informed choice when they finally do decide to settle on a specific site.

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