Live Online Blackjack

There is no question that blackjack is the most popular game at casinos. This becomes even more evident standing in a glittering casino salon wearing a fancy suit. But did you know that you don’t even have to leave your living room or change your clothes to play blackjack at a casino? All you need to do is choose an online casino and play blackjack live online.

How to get started playing live blackjack

Many online casinos offer their members something called live blackjack, which means that you log in to your existing provider or open an account with your provider-to-be. Once you have logged in, click on live casino. You’ll find special rooms where blackjack is played in real time with live dealers. You play on your computer, mobile or tablet but against a live dealer through a link.

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Advantages of live blackjack

Your appearance don’t matter

There is no difference between playing live blackjack online and blackjack live other than that you play using the Internet so you don’t have to worry about what clothes to wear and where you are. You see the dealer live and several providers let you chat with the dealer during the game. Everything takes place in real time and it is just like playing blackjack live in a land-based casino even though you are playing online.

You get to choose your dealer

Many providers have unique settings available for their members to adjust. You can even choose the dealer depending on whether you prefer a female or male dealer. The choices are many and besides choosing a dealer based on gender, you can choose a dealer who speaks your language. If you like talking to your dealer when you play live blackjack, this is definitely worth considering.

Great freedom of choice

The number of choices available is the advantage of live blackjack. You don’t need to leave your home to play – but you can also play while travelling if you want. The selection of online games available is greater and you also receive a welcome bonus when you open an account with a provider. The ideal thing to do is to open an account at more than one provider and let them complement each other.

A wide range of games

When you let different providers complement each other you get access to a larger library of games. If you have accounts at more than one provider, you have a greater chance of finding a blackjack game that appeals to you. Since variation is always a good idea, it is wise to have several providers to explore. The opportunity to let the providers complement each other is not the same on land, at least not in Sweden.

This is how you play live blackjack

The rules are the same whether you play live blackjack online or blackjack live. One thing to keep in mind is that providers almost always have different conditions for betting, winnings and other things – sometimes even the rules of the game can vary. Before you start playing, it is a good idea to read the general rules and conditions of play as well as the rules for the blackjack table you are playing on.

Card values

In live blackjack you have to get as close to 21 without going over it to beat the house, i.e. the dealer. This means that your cards must be better than the cards the dealer is sitting on in order to win.

An ace can be worth one or eleven while face cards are valued at ten. Other cards retain their original value which means that twos are always worth two points and threes are always valued at three.

Beat the dealer

You decide if you need another card to beat the dealer. The challenge is assessing your chances of winning based on the cards you are sitting on and also the situation of the dealer.

As mentioned, you must try to come as close to 21 as you can without going over it while also beating the dealer who has to stop if the value of his or her cards is 17 or higher but lower than 21.

Remember that the rules and conditions may vary.

How do you win at live blackjack?

Aim for 21

To win at live blackjack you have to beat the dealer. This means that your cards have to be closer to 21, without exceeding it, than his or her cards.

If you reach 21 on your two first cards you get blackjack and win, as long as the dealer doesn’t also get blackjack.

In blackjack you earn one and a half times your bet when you win. When and if the dealer gets an ace as the first card, your bet is usually returned.

Always read the rules

Keep in mind that if both you and the dealer get 17, 18 or 19, the dealer always wins. On the other hand, if you both get 20 or 21 it is a tie and your bet is returned.

The rules are not carved in stone and we thus recommend that you always read the rules and conditions. Pay extra attention to the push rules since these can be the key to winning.

Example of how live blackjack is played

Before you begin a game of live blackjack, you need to learn the procedures. You always start by placing your bet. How much or how little you can wager depends on the table. Once you have placed your bet, the cards are dealt.

The dealer gives each player two cards and an open card to himself. Now it is up to each player to decide if he or she wants to “stand” or be dealt more cards.

Good to know about live blackjack

All casinos – both on land and online – are free to decide the rules and conditions of their games.

That is why the rules and conditions can vary not only between providers but also between tables at each respective provider.

As a player it is therefore more important than ever to read the rules and conditions before playing a game. It can be the difference between winning and losing.