Live gambling at a mobile casino

Mobile casino – a popular choice of gameplay

Not too long ago the first smartphones appeared and revolutionised our lives. We could suddenly do things in our mobile phones that we could only do in our computers before, such as browse the Internet, pay bills, check the weather and chat with friends. Smart-phones have exploded in popularity, giving us more freedom and mobility than we ever thought possible before.

Experience smooth and fast gambling

Today, virtually every Swede owns a smartphone and most of us would not think of leaving home without it. This is not strange considering that we carry our entire lives around in these devices. Thanks to smartphones we can also enjoy a few moments of entertainment by gambling at a mobile casino. With the rapid advancement of smartphones, the online gambling industry has truly mushroomed as more and more casino games have moved to mobile devices.

Online casinos that offer great mobile casino games

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Advantages of a mobile casino

There are plenty of advantages of playing at a mobile casino, which is why it is not so unusual that an increasing number of people prefer their mobile phones as platforms for games. If you have access to a casino in your mobile, you can bet on games wherever and whenever you want. You can thus play casino games whether you are sitting on a bus or standing in line at the grocery store. All you have to do is pick up your phone and play a couple of rounds. You are literally carrying a casino around in your pocket which you have constant access to.

The range of mobile games is increasing

Many of today’s online casinos now concentrate on mobile casinos. These sites offer games which are primarily developed to be played in a mobile phone or tablet. Even the casinos whose main focus is offering games in a computer often have a broad selection of mobile casino games since the market is well aware of the fact that an increasing number of players prefer using their mobile phones for playing games.

Casino apps for Android and iPhone

The growth of the online gambling industry has led to the fact that most casino games, which were originally developed for play in a computer, now easily can be played on a phone and tablet with equal performance quality.

Today, many online casinos are available as apps which makes the experience in the phone that much more fun and convenient. The apps can easily be downloaded for both Android phones and iPhones. That means you can play mobile casino games no matter what phone you use.

Offering a separate app for mobile compatible play has, however, grown less popular as browsers in mobile phones nowadays are of such high quality.

Game developers are investing in mobile casino

The game developers who have gained particular prominence in this field are Netent, Evolution Gaming and Microgaming. But in recent years, a number of smaller companies also focusing on this area have cropped up. These gaming companies are definitely at the cutting edge in terms of quality game development for mobile phones and they use the best and latest technology.

Mobile casino offer a great gaming experience

Naturally, the games developed mainly for mobile phones are also the very best to play on a phone. But the games which operate on several different platforms usually work surprisingly well in mobile phones and you can now often enjoy an almost identical experience whether you play on your mobile, tablet or computer.

In fact, many of the games being developed today are intended mainly for mobile devices since an increasing number of players prefer their mobile phone as their primary gaming platform.

Playing at a live mobile casino

High quality games

As more casino sites offer live casino, developments are underway to produce live mobile casino. Given the fact that live casino and mobile casino games are relatively new to the market, which are both popular and trendy, it is not strange that many casinos and game developers are investing in developing live casinos of highest quality possible.

Most people who play online casino games prefer to do so live and on their phones. But since developments have not yet reached that stage in this area, for the time being not all live casino games which are available on computers are also available in a mobile version.

A wifi connection is preferred

The ideal way to play live casino games on a mobile phone is if you have a wifi connection or 4G. If you are using a mobile phone with a 3G connection, you will have a problem with livestreaming no matter which casino you visit.

This problem occurs not just for live casino games but also when watching a movie or a football game. This type of connection problem will hopefully be resolved in the future as the mobile network undergoes further development in Sweden and when all users of smartphones have access to a faster connection.

Games available for mobile phones

Play roulette, blackjack and baccarat live

By far the most common games offered at live casinos are roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Almost all casino sites which offer live casino games have these classic games in their lineup. There are also casinos offering various forms of poker.

Just like live casinos on other platforms, you can watch a live feed from a studio or a casino with a live dealer handling the game in real time. In some casinos, players can also choose to play a live version but with a computer which handles the game instead of a live dealer.

Why you should play at a mobile casino

With a live mobile casino you can carry an entire casino, including a dealer, in your pocket no matter where you are. That means you no longer need to find a land-based casino to play your favourite game. Instead you can play whenever and wherever you want, using your mobile phone. This gives you the best of two worlds since you have access to everything that a land-based casino offers without needing to leave the comfort and peace of your home.

Mobile casino is a social experience

Thanks to the game’s chat feature, you will not miss out on the social interaction since you can communicate with the dealer as well as the other players at the table. To find out if live mobile casino suits you, all you need is a smartphone to sign up to an online casino offering live casino in mobile phones.

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