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Net casino – Las Vegas live in your phone or tablet

With all the online casinos that have popped up in recent years, that are compatible with both mobiles and tablets, there is no question that the gambling market has entered a period of explosion rivalling the age of the masquerade balls in 18th century Italy or the dawn of gambling in Las Vegas in the 1930s.

Easier than ever to gamble online

Anyone of legal capacity, who has a legal right to sign a contract, basically has the right to gamble. Add to this the fact that online gambling is more accessible now than ever and easier to enjoy than finding your way to a legal gambling hall. There are only a few land-based casinos in Sweden, all operated by Svenska Spel, but there are plenty of online casinos to choose from.

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History of casinos

Gambling should be fun!

Premises that offer what is known as games of chance are called casinos. Casino is an Italian word meaning “little home”, which seem both appropriate and accurate since some players definitely feel right at home at gambling establishments.

Games involving gambling with money have been popular throughout the the ages but they have almost always been under the control of some form of higher authority. The reason for this is to ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy this pastime without overdoing it and suffering from it. The key is to have fun when betting or gambling.

Laws and regulations

When gambling grew in popularity in 18th century Italy, governments were already trying to control the gambling houses by closing them down and placing them under sanction or banning them. Today, the situation of the gambling market is quite different although the industry is still controlled by laws and regulations at national and international levels.

From Italy to Las Vegas

An important time in the history of casinos was when Las Vegas legalised gambling in the 1930s in the United States. Ever since, the city has become a symbol of gambling and the gambling market. But nowadays, you do not have to trek all the way to Nevada’s desert heat and bright neon lights to enjoy a game of blackjack or baccarat.

Play at a net casino whenever you want

Although it may not be possible to completely replicate the magic many experience in Sin City, it is far more accessible now than ever before as mobile phones and tablets have revolutionised the market.

In parallel with the development of society, the various forms of gambling have grown and evolved too. In recent years, the online market has been completely revolutionised with new platforms and continues to grow at an explosive rate.

Advantages of online casinos

Find your favourite game online

With such a broad platform for online gambling and betting, it is far easier for players to find the games that they prefer to play. Whether it be baccarat, poker, slots or classic roulette, players can find their game faster and easier online. Many gambling sites also offer free spins and bonuses in their welcome bonus packages which you can pick and choose from.

Gamble in your pajamas!

Besides easily being able to find what you are looking for, you can also play when it suits you. This means that you don’t need to dress up, comb your hair and pay a cover charge at a casino which is only open certain hours of the day. Instead, you can play wearing your most comfortable clothes with your feet up on the table while leaning back in your chair. In fact, the more comfortable the better.

Play responsibly

Gambling and betting is more fun and sustainable if done responsibly. The key to that is to take a casino for what it is, a form of amusement and not a source of income. One way of thinking about it is to never count on recouping your bets or expecting to score a big jackpot – that is up to chance.

Use common sense

Wins are simply bonuses in the world of gambling and the best way to play is in moderation and by using common sense. At the end of the day, this is what will make it far more fun to play. Many gambling companies also make it easier for their players to control their own play, and this isn’t done for their own winning but to ensure that the gambling market remains sustainable and long-lasting.

European Union

Many of the betting companies registered in these countries thus offer tax-free winnings for their players within the European Union. What is fun to note is that many of the companies operating in the global gambling world, and which are considered among the world’s foremost, have been founded by Swedes.

Enjoy gambling at Live Casino Kings

Against this backdrop, it should be mentioned that the gambling market is under constant development with no sign of slowing down. So if this inspires you and you want to enjoy a piece of it, you have come to the right place. Here you will find the latest offers from the gambling and betting world from various sites as well as information about the games you can play online.