The 10 Best Online Slots for Real Money in India

Slot machines have always been incredibly popular throughout the world – and now you can actually play slots for real money right in your home, through many legal and legit online casino sites. We’ve listed out the top 10 best casinos to find top slots games for Indian players so you can always feel comfortable wagering on your favourite game. We also have the scoop on bonuses, the best games for your buck, a playing guide, and a FAQ to help you through.

Where to Play Online Slots for Real Money: A Guide

With hundreds of casinos consistently advertising various slot games, it can be hard to choose. At, we try to make that part easy. If slots are your favourite way to wager online – we’ve listed out the best casinos to find an excellent selection, as well as the top slot games to look out for when you sign up. You’ll also find:

  • FAQ with commonly answered questions
  • Top-rated mobile slot games
  • The basics of online slot machines
  • How to play and win with real money
  • All about casino and slot game bonuses
  • Betting strategy guides

& More!

The Best Casinos for Online Slots in India

You’ll find that most casinos have a pretty decent selection of real money online slots – these games are always incredibly popular and gambling sites consistently add variety to their library of casino games. To make it super easy for you, we’ve ranked and rated the top slot casinos in India for real money slots fans.

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₹ 80.000 (x30)
  • Huge live dealer selection
  • Over 1,000 games
To LeoVegas Review update coming soon
First deposit: 100% up to ₹80,000
₹ 17.000 (x35)
  • A strong selection of live dealer games
  • Plenty of Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, and rummy games
To JungleRaja Review update coming soon
On registration: ₹500
First deposit: Up to ₹17,000
₹ 20.000 (x20)
  • Excellent customer support
  • Local Indian games
Review update coming soon
₹ 50.000 (x25 x Bonus)
200 free spins (x30 x Free Spins)
  • Exclusive Ganesha Fortune game
To Casumo Review update coming soon
First deposit: 100% Up To ₹50,000
₹ 70.000 (x35)
  • Huge collection on sports to wager on
Review update coming soon


  • More than 1,200 slots games
  • ₹80,000 deposit bonus
  • Quick payout time
  • Award-winning casino
  • Excellent mobile app features

Royal Panda

  • 1,000 slot machines in their online game lobby
  • ₹50,00 deposit bonus + 10 free spins
  • Quick and easy payouts


  • Around 250 slots catered towards Indian audiences
  • ₹10,000 deposit bonus
  • Frequent online bonuses for featured slot games


  • Over 800 online slots titles
  • Unique promotions
  • Up to ₹70,000 deposit bonus + free bets to use on slots games
  • Great customer service


  • 450 different slots games from top providers
  • ₹2,500 deposit bonus
  • Takes many payment options
  • Often have holiday and speciality promotions


  • Over 600 slots games, many with local themes
  • ₹2,500 deposit bonus
  • Quality customer service
  • Easy-to-use site + great layout


  • 1,300+ slots games from the best providers
  • ₹2,000 deposit bonus
  • Great customer service
  • Excellent mobile app


  • More than 1,000 slot games + more consistently added to the library
  • Good selection of payment options
  • Great layout, easy-to-use site


  • Innovative slot games like “Bollywood Divas” based on partnership with actress Sunny Leone + many other original and unique titles
  • Over 800 slots games in the library
  • ₹10,000 bonus in free spins

How We Choose Casinos

Online casinos are our passion and our hobby – and love that it’s becoming more widespread all over the world. Online wagering for real money is popular in India, and we want to make sure individuals like you are using the best, most trustworthy sites that accept players with rupees. Every site on our list holds up to our checklist:

  • Licensing – Casinos must present a licence from a gaming authority to be considered legit. A clearly displayed licence number separates the trustworthy casinos from the blacklisted ones, so you can play online slots safely.
  • Security Encryptions – You will be asked to enter your personal information, including banking details. Security like SSL encryptions are applied throughout the best websites to keep your details safe.
  • Algorithms & Fairness – Whether an online slot machine is fair depends on their fairness algorithms. We look to see that casinos are using an RNG (Random Number Generator) to make sure players are winning at random.
  • Interface – A professional site should have excellent graphics and easy-to-find features.
  • Customer Support – The best casinos offer 24-hour customer service and always resolve issues with clients. We steer away from those casinos that have a large number of unresolved complaints.


How to Play Slots Online

Slots are one of the easiest online casino games to play! A slot machine requires no skill or prior knowledge, so it’s great for anyone who is new to the iGaming world. To play slots for real money online, here’s a step-by-step guide.

  • Choose an online casino with a large game library, like LeoVegas or Royal Panda. That way you have plenty of options to try different themes and game types. You can usually see the game lobby before you sign up.
  • Complete the sign up process by following the prompts and entering your information. You may have to submit some documents before you can make a real money deposit and begin playing, but this process is quick!
  • Find a game that you want to play. If you’ve always wanted to play the slots version of your favourite film or TV show, you’ll likely be able to search for it! The game descriptions on the site should tell you how many reels the game has and what fun features you can look forward to seeing.
  • Place your bet! You can bet small amounts in slots, which is what makes it attractive to so many new players that aren’t ready to gamble large amounts. You should know that the lower your bet is, the less paylines you have to work with, meaning you don’t win as often. Your winnings are also relative to your bets, so when you bet more, you win more.
  • Spin the reels! Once you’ve placed your bet, you can hit that spin button and watch the game unfold. They’ll show you any winning paylines and accent any scatters or features that come up. Game play is fast so you can expect to win and lose quickly!


How Online Slot Machines Work

In a land based casino, slot machines used to be made with mechanics that ensured a random outcome. Now, algorithms and mathematics have taken over the job online!

Slot machines are run by RNG algorithms – known as a Random Number Generator. This component can produce random sequences within a millisecond. When you click that “bet” button, the RNG springs into action and shows you random and different symbols every time you spin the reels on a slot machine online.

This algorithm doesn’t have a memory, and has no idea if you won or lost on a previous turn – so you can’t count on the theory of “hot and cold” slot machines. Everything about you winning is decided entirely by mathematical equations. The only thing you decide is when to spin the slot and when to stop.

The RNG algorithm is applied at all legit and licensed casinos – it’s what makes them fair! Licensed casinos are inspected by a team of experts frequently to make sure their algorithms are running correctly.



Most Popular Slots for Indian Players

There are thousands of real money slot types to choose from online. The best slot is whichever one works for you! One of the reasons online slots are so popular is because they’re incredibly versatile. They come in any theme you can think of – popular films, books, TV shows, geographical locations & more. You can also choose an online slot machine with many reels, or simple styles with a few reels and rules. However, if you’re a first time player, you may not know what exactly you’re looking for. Here are the most popular slot games across online casinos in India. You can try these titles for yourself. When you see them at a real money online casino, you know you’re in for a good game.

Mega Moolah

  • 88.12% RTP
  • 25 paylines
  • Created by Microgaming

Mega Fortune Dreams

  • 96.6% RTP
  • 20 paylines
  • Created by NetEnt


  • 96.01% RTP
  • 10 paylines, both ways
  • Created by NetEnt

Hall of Gods

  • 95.5% RTP
  • 20 paylines
  • Created by NetEnt

Book of Ra

  • 95.03% RTP
  • 10 paylines
  • Created by Novomatic


What Makes a Great Slots Game?

At we make it our mission to put together the best, most up-to-date information possible for gambling enthusiasts. All the online slots mentioned on our site have been vetted according to strict criteria:

  • Graphics – The most popular titles have attractive visuals and are made with high-quality graphics and programming. You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but it’s definitely how you judge slots!
  • Themes and extras – You’ll notice most slots games have a theme, and games from the most legit brands are licensed to make official titles and graphics corresponding to popular film, TV shows, and books. We also look at the in-game features, like scatter symbols, wilds, or bound round options. It makes playing more entertaining.
  • Game developers – There are hundreds of providers out there, but the ones that put out the most enjoyable ones are well-known in the industry. Always look at the provider the game came from, it’s a good way to tell if its quality or not.
  • User Interface – Slot machines that have great graphics but a poor user interface make for a poor playing experience! A good user interface means that it is easy to find info, playing rules, and buttons you need to place your wager.



Types of Online Slot Machines

Slots have evolved a ton over the years! From those metal contraptions you used to see in casinos, the internet has turned slot machines into entertaining visual masterpieces that come in every imaginable theme with incredible graphics – all with the chance to still win some real money. We’ve broken down some of the common types of slot games you’ll see across most casinos. Once you start playing you’ll start to see the difference between titles and providers and likely end up with your own favourite.

Video Slots

Most slot games are referred to as video slot machines – they’re an update to the old slot machines you know and love. They come in thousands of different themes, with fun graphics and on occasion, story lines you can follow. They’re as simple as online games get – though you can find versions with 3, 5, or 9-reels, as well as plenty of special symbols that do give you free spins and increased paylines, like wilds and scatter symbols.

Best Video Slot: Starburst by NetEnt

3-Reel Slots

These slot machines are easy to understand. As the name suggests, you’re working with three columns. You must get three matching symbols across one of the paylines to win.

Best 3-Reel: Mega Joker by NetEnt

5-Reel Slots

Slightly more complicated but a lot of fun, you’ll have five reels, and at least 25 different paylines to pay attention to. Every slot machine will have different rules for winning, but usually if you can get three of five in a row, you win something. If you get all five in a row, you win a bigger prize.

Best 5-Reel: Fruit Fiesta 5-Reel by Microgaming

Progressive Jackpot

These are fun for those of you looking to win more. The pot in this slot game grows as more players join in the fun and place their bets. You’ll notice the jackpot continuously goes up. While it might be harder to win, if you do, you’ll likely scoop up a big reward!

Best Progressive Jackpot Slots: Mega Moolah by Microgaming

3D Slots

These are the newest innovation in slot titles, becoming more and more popular over the last five years. This game is more immersive than just video slots, with even better graphics, mini-rounds you play in between, and even more special features – like a bound round or special symbols.

Best 3D: Jurassic Park by Microgaming

Live Slots

Recently, game developers have created Live Slots! This works a little differently than the other slot machines online – players get to see and hear a professional host as they watch the online slot reels spin. You’ll be in a room with other players, all watching the same reels. It creates a sense of community and makes you feel like you’re not playing alone!

Best Live: Buffalo Blitz by PlayTech


This is a category of slot games that any player can appreciate in an online casino! The fun in this game is that the layout is so innovative. It’s a 6-reel structure that continually changes as you play the game. The reel modifier algorithm changes how many symbols you get on a reel on each given spin. Players love it because they win often.

Best Megaways™: Gonzo’s Quest Megaways by NetEnt



Features & Terms to Know

Now that online slot games have evolved so much, there are a few different features that you should know about. Online, you’re not limited like you would be at a machine – it’s no longer the rule that only three matching symbols in the middle fetch a prize. There are different paylines and symbols that you should know about before you start playing online slots.


The term payline refers to the line that connects combinations of symbols across reels. For example, in a classic game, you win by getting three cherries in the middle payline. You may have one or more paylines that win money. Slot machines with adjustable paylines allow users to choose the number of lines in play – you can increase the number of paylines or decrease them, which affects how much you score. For example, a winning payline in a 9-reel slot machine may go diagonally up and down, and you may have as many as 25 or more paylines in the game. Playing with more paylines requires a higher bet, but also gives you more chances to win.

Wild Symbols

Every slot game has a wilds symbol – it can substitute any other symbol in the game. So, if you’re playing a 5-reel game and have four matching symbols in the middle, if the fifth reel has a wilds symbol, you win.


If you get two or more scatters symbols on a screen, you usually win something extra, like a bonus round. At other times, the scatter symbol triggers something fun in the game, like a free spin or a slot mini-game.

Bonus Symbols

Slot bonus symbols in a game do exactly that – give you bonus rounds, a free spin or a free bet. They trigger an extra prize. What that prize is depends on the game.



RTP Rates for the Most Popular Slots Games in India

All casino slots have an RTP factor. RTP stands for Return to Player, which is the amount you get back – aka, your online slot winnings. Also known online as payout percentages. The house edge is low in slots, meaning that the casino doesn’t take as much off the top.

The return rate for slots is higher than table games like blackjack and roulette, which is why it’s a popular choice. Online slots offer a better RTP than land based slot casinos.

Slots average a 95-96% RTP rate. This means that if you bet ₹1 and win, you’ll get about ₹0.95 back. Games are required to have their payout percentages or RTP rates clearly displayed (just click the “i” or “?” in the game at any time to check). The RTP rate is a calculated average – so when it says a 95% RTP that means that over 10,000 or 100,000 games have been measured and to create this average. So you won’t get back the actual ₹0.95 per game – but it will be a similar number.

Here’s a list of the slot games with the most return:

Game Provider RTP
Cosmic Quest Mystery Planet Rival 98.95%
Jackpot 6000 NetEnt 98.75%
Mega Joker NetEnt 95.05%
Starburst NetEnt 96.01%
Rainbow Riches Barcrest 95%


Hit Frequency Explained

Another common term you’ll see, especially as you get into strategy, is hit frequency. Some players will argue that the hit frequency is higher in some games than others – but what does that mean? Well, hit frequency refers to the number of times a slot machine will form a winning combination as opposed to a losing one. While it looks like some games let you win more than others, this statistic doesn’t include how much you win. So players win more often on games with a higher hit frequency, but that may mean that they won smaller amounts.


Volatility in Slots

Volatility is the measure of how a slot machine online rewards players. While hit frequency averages the amount of wins, volatility will tell you if you’ll actually win a good amount or not. Slots with high volatility may mean you win less often, but when you do, the payout is more significant. Games with low volatility have winners more often, but pay out less. Volatility is also measured as an average, so it’s not a guarantee that you’ll win big on a game. It just means that you have a chance of hitting a good prize on most wins.

Every slots player should know that hit frequency and volatility have nothing to do with fairness – games can have the same algorithm and fairness level and still have different rates because of the way the game is built and played!



Slot Game Providers

As you’re playing your way through the world of online slots, you’ll notice that there are a few big companies that make the most popular titles. Game providers spend their time creating and developing new slots with various themes, great graphics, and fun gameplay. If you’re looking for quality slots action, check out these providers.


Since 1996, NetEnt has been at the forefront of the casino industry with their slot titles. Though they’ve branched out into table games and live casino over the years, creating great slots is NetEnt’s goal. Some names you may have heard of from NetEnt include Mega Fortune, Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst and Jackhammer. Their slots are popular because they have lots of wilds, bonus rounds, and other surprises for slot players.


With just over 20 years of experience creating online casino slot machines, PlayTech remains one of the leaders in the field. They’re known for their themed slots with great graphics, like The Mummy, Ghost Rider, and Thor. 


Microgaming is a huge company that has over 600 games in their repertoire, many of them slots! They’ve been around since 1994. Slots from them are notable because they’re known for high payouts. They create lots of progressive and jackpot games that are beloved around the world, including Thunderstruck 2, Immortal Romance, and Avalon 2 – Quest for the Grail. 


With stunning graphics and plenty of progressive and jackpot game options, Yggdrasil has quickly become a favourite among slots enthusiasts. Although they’re new on the scene, they’ve already won several awards, including Innovator of the Year in 2018 at the International Gaming Awards. Some famous titles include Joker Millions, Empire Fortune, and Easter Island.



Tips for Winning at Online Slots

Although slots is a game of chance rather than strategy, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play smart! There are plenty of approaches you can take to help you lose less and win more.

  • Choose games with a higher RTP so that when you win, your prize is larger. You get more value for your money. Games with a lower house edge mean you keep more of your winnings. When you’re trying to win a profit, every rupee counts!
  • Use free spins and bonuses. Casinos will draw you in with bonus offers that are meant for use on slots, and sometimes, they give away a number of free spins. Whether it’s a welcome bonus or just a temporary promotional offer, a smart slots player takes advantage of them. The more spins you take, the bigger chance you have to win.
  • Look for big jackpots. If progressive slots or jackpot slots are your game, keep your eyes open as game providers are always releasing something new and popular games are always changing their jackpot amounts.
  • Max out your paylines when possible to give yourself a bigger chance at winning. This requires a higher bet, but the outcome may be better.
  • Manage your bankroll. It’s easy to zone out and spend hours playing, but if you’re trying to win some cash, you want to pay careful attention to how much you’re spending. Give yourself a daily budget and don’t bet more than you can afford. That’s the best way to ensure you win more than you lose.
  • Make sure you’re betting enough to be eligible for jackpots if you’re playing progressive slots. There’s often a minimum amount you must bet to claim a jackpot amount.



Online Slots FAQ

If you’re new to playing online slots there are a few common questions people often ask. We’ve tried to cover our bases and answer the basics right here.

Q: Is it legal to play slots online in India for real money?

A: The legality of online gambling in India is a grey area – so yes and no. The last federal law regarding gambling was made in the late 1800s and does not specifically ban online gambling, which creates a loophole. There are plenty of licensed and legit online casinos you can access and use to play slots for real money. Players haven’t been prosecuted for gambling online, however, illegal casino operators are subject to legal consequences. So, simply put, while it’s not explicitly legal – you can comfortably and confidently gamble online in most places in India. We do recommend checking your local laws before you play to make sure!

Q: What’s the most popular casino for slots in India?

A: It depends on who you ask – but India’s three biggest casinos known for their slots selections include LeoVegas, Royal Panda, and JungleRaja. They have large libraries of games that come from top providers, like NetEnt, Quickspin, and others.

Q: What are the best online slot providers?

A: Game providers are the companies that create and develop casino games for websites all over the world. Microgaming and Yggdrasil are some of the best known developers for slot titles.

Q: What does RTP mean?

A: This common phrase means “Return to Player.” Every casino takes some of your winnings, how much depends on the game you’re playing. Each casino game has their own RTP rate. Slots are some of the best, with many averaging over a 95% RTP rate, and many games, Ugga Bugga by PlayTech and Mega Joker from NetEnt have a 99% RTP!

Q: Which slot game has the highest jackpot?

A: The slot machine with the highest jackpot is Mega Moolah, who gives out huge prizes! You can also try Joker Millions, Mega Joker, and Mega Fortune Dreams if you’re looking for the top cash jackpots. You can find these titles at almost any online casino.

Q: How do you win at online slots?

A: There’s no guaranteed system. Slots online are based on an algorithm that creates a random outcome every time. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. The higher you bet the more paylines open up and thus more opportunities for winning at online slots!

Q: Can you win real money playing slots online?

A: Yes! Licensed casinos pay out real money when you win. Once you sign up at a casino and make your first deposit, you can play any slot titles until you win, and then withdraw your funds.

Q: Are online slots rigged?

A: Nope! Not if you’re using a legit casino – a licence means that a casino has to report to a governing body. They’re regularly tested for fairness. Sometimes you may be on a losing streak that feels like the game is rigged, but as long as you’re playing at a legit casino, the game is fair.

Q: Are online slots worth it?

A: There are many different types of online slots that pay out large prizes. Regular slot machine games can provide hours of entertainment and small payouts here and there – but the point of online gambling is to have fun! It’s not going to be a supplementary income. If you’re looking for big jackpots, try progressive slots or jackpot slot machines that give you a chance to win big! Popular titles have lots of scatters, bonus rounds, & extra payouts.

Q: How big are the winnings from real money online slots?

A: That depends on the game you play and how much you bet. If you bet small, your winnings will be smaller. If you’re ready to put down bigger bets, your prizes will be larger. Some slots games have increasing pots, like progressive slots. You can win anywhere from a few dollars to thousands – it just depends on how long you’re willing to play and how much you’re able to bet.

Q: Can I play slots for free?

A: Absolutely! You can check the LiveCasinoKings slots lobby where you can find free slots and other games. It’s also a great way to practice before you play for real money. Keep in mind that free slots have a different algorithm that increases your chances of winning. This is done to boost your confidence and tempt you into playing for real money. Although you won’t win as often when the algorithm is fair, free games are a good way to try before you put down cash.

Q: Can I play slots from my mobile device?

A: Yes, many people play at real casinos right from their cell phone or other mobile device. You can do everything else on your phone, and companies have caught on. Brands like LeoVegas and Casumo have created award-winning apps, but even smaller casinos without their own application allow you to log in from your mobile browser and play as usual. Not every casino has a large variety of mobile games, but the newest slots are developed to support HTML5, so they should be available on your mobile.


Ready to Take a Spin? Play Slots for Real Cash Today

We love online slots – who doesn’t? With so many slot games out there to choose from, it’s an easy and fun hobby to pick up. If you’re feeling ready to take the chance and play online, try any of the casinos on our top list. They’re safe and well-rated, so you can feel comfortable playing on their sites. If you’re not quite sure, check out our free game lobby and get some slot practice in before you go for the real thing. One thing is for sure – you’re bound to find a slot game you love out there!