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Being in control

Casinos rely on random number generators to make sure that the outcome of gambling games are random. Despite that, many sceptics will never be convinced that the outcome of games is fair. With the growth and development of online live games, you can now play online casino games and get the same control over the games as you would in land-based casinos. We will explain how below.

Plenty of advantages

At the same time, you gain an advantage from all the great new developments in online games such as being able to play wherever and whenever you want and enjoying a better gambling environment. Live online games are the closest you can get to an authentic gambling experience without having to find your way to a land-based casino.

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What is live online gambling?

In live online gambling you play against a real dealer who moderates the game, just as he or she would in a “brick & mortar” casino. The only difference is that you can watch the dealer in real time through a streamed feed on your computer or mobile device instead of sitting across from the dealer in person.

The live dealer is usually located in a studio decorated to produce a casino-like atmosphere. The dealer is in the studio and through a livestream at the casino, you can play with the dealer in real time. A live chat feature is usually available, allowing you to communicate with the dealer and the other players at the table.

Just like gambling at a land-based casino, you can ask the dealer questions or just chat with the other players if you feel like it.

Selection of live games

Among the most popular online live games are classics such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat.

Since setting up a live online casino is more than a little complicated, the selection of live games is, unfortunately, not as broad as for computer-based games.

Of course, the selection of games varies distinctly between the various live casinos and there are often several different versions of games available. Since technology is constantly developing and the demand for live casino games is increasing, we are certain that the selection of games at live casinos will continue to grow.

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Differences between live online games and computer-based games

 1. Social aspect

The biggest difference between live online games and computer-based games is that you, when playing in a live online casino, play against real people and not a computer. This gives live online games a social angle lacking in computer-based games.

Since most live online casinos feature a live chat, you can communicate with the dealer and the other players at your table while the game is in session.

2. Higher deposit

Another difference is that the deposits are usually higher in live online games. To be able to play you need to make a deposit where the minimum limit varies depending on where you are playing.

This means in turn that the maximum deposit is also higher and the payouts are generally greater when you play at a live online casino. If you prefer games that let you play for free, computer-based games are a better choice.

3. Limited accessibility

Since live online casinos use live dealers, the tables are seldom available 24 hours a day. If you want to gamble with a specific dealer you have to keep an eye out to see if he or she is available since dealers usually have a schedule.

Most casinos which offer live games provide this information on their websites.

4. Full visibility

As mentioned, live online games feature live dealers who use card decks and other paraphernalia in full view of the gamblers. In a computer-based game, random number generators determine the outcome of the game.

Some gamblers prefer seeing the game unfold in front of their eyes as many feel more secure that way than with a software-controlled game.

The huge amount of trust in live dealers has definitely contributed to the enormous popularity of live online games today.

5. Greater choice

Last but not least, at a live online casino you can choose which dealer you want to play against. There is a huge variety of dealers to choose from at a live online casino and it is not uncommon that gamblers make their decisions based on factors such as ethnicity, gender, personality and clothing style.

For obvious reasons, this is not possible when playing computer-based games where the computer runs the game instead of a person.

Advantages of live games

There are many advantages of playing live online casino games. Perhaps the main reason this form of gambling is so popular is that live online gambling is incredibly easy and convenient.

Live online casinos give you the opportunity to experience the action of casino games on a computer or mobile device without missing out on the social interaction since a live dealer runs the game.

Your gambling experience is just a few clicks away

In other words, you don’t need to spend money on travel, cover charge, hotels or anything else as you would visiting a physical casino when you can just as easily do it live online. The casino is only a few mouse clicks away when you play live online.

Greater freedom

Playing live online games gives you greater freedom since you decide when and where you want to play. There is no need to worry about opening hours and dress codes. Instead you can play whenever you feel like it.

Suddenly you can gamble in a casino wearing your sweats sitting on your sofa or laying in bed. You decide how, where and when you want to play live online games.

Gamble at your own pace

Other reasons for the incredible popularity of live online casinos are not having to worry about someone peaking over your shoulder while you play, avoiding long line ups and escaping distracting background noise that all are a part of physical casinos. These disadvantages detract from the gambling experience and can be difficult to ignore when you are playing in a land-based casino where it can get crowded.

Live online casinos let you gamble at your own pace and avoid feeling rushed by other players. At a live online casino – you decide how you want to play.

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